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I have a yellow warning sign on a project I already Shared

Customer Question

I have a yellow warning sign on a project I already Shared (Theatre). This appeared after I Shared it. Also, the music/soundtrack is now not playing.
There is also a red bar/line underneath my soundtrack. The project imported a 'trailer to converted to movie' and combined with other clips. So the soundtrack that is missing is the one from the imovie trailer collection. How do I get the song/soundtrack back?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
A red line appears at the top of frames you’ve marked as “rejected.” If Advanced Tools are turned off, in the Event browser, select the video you want to unmark as “favorite” or “rejected,” and then press the U key or click the Unmark button.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
If Advanced Tools are turned on, in the Event browser, click the Unmark button (shown above), and then drag across the thumbnails of any clip to unmark a range of frames, or Shift-click to unmark an entire clip. In both cases, the green or red line at the top of the video/audio shouldl disappear
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Mike,
You are going to be more specific than this please. I'm not familiar with the imovie lingo and terms like 'Event browser' already take a long enough time to search for. "A red line appears at the top of frames"....a red line is not appearing at top of frames, but rather at the bottom, below the soundtrack (perhaps the soundwave?). Anyhow, in essence, I want to know how I can get back the soundtrack music that was working before I exported it to Theatre. I'm not sure that the red bar has anything to do with it. I attach a print screen of what my project looks like.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
OK let me look
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
So was this song added from iTunes? Right click on the audio what do you see in the drop down?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As explained in the original message, the soundtrack some is from the imovie TRAILER.
I created a trailer and exported it. Then I re-imported the trailer, converted it to movie and then added it together with some other clips to make a consolidated final movie.
I don't know what you mean with 'right click on the audio'. Can you please be more specific.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
How did you convert the Trailer...Choose File > Convert Trailer to Movie or did you actually import it?
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
You have to do it a certain way to be able to edit it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
First, I went Choose File > Convert trailer to imovie. Once it did that, I exported/shared it to Theatre. Then I imported it and used it in another new movie I created where I added some clips. It worked all fine, until I Shared it into Theatre - the soundtrack then disappeared and if not mistaken also got the red line/bar at the bottom and also the yellow warning sign (again not sure if any of those are related)
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
OK open the project that you Shared to the Theatre and instead Share to File don't add to Theatre
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have this project saved under 'All Projects' and under 'iMovieLibrary'. Both of them have no sound. Also, I have exported them to 'File'. The 'File' one also has no soundtrack. You can see the Soundtrack shows at the bottom, hence just no sure why it's not playing. By the way, I have audio and song on at the same time. The audio came with the video. The audio is still playing fine, it is just the soundtrack that is not playing.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Sorry you said "It worked all fine, until I Shared it into Theatre", when DID the soundtrack work I am confused?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It worked when it was a trailer. And it worked when i converted it to a movie. It also worked when I imported it into another movie to use. When I viewed it, it worked. Then I went 'SHARE' into Theatre, and from then on there was no sound. I just now try to SHARE the original clip into 'FILE'. It gives me the following message '"Imovie name" has missing media. If you click Continue, your project will be exported without these clips'.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
I see.
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
It is a little difficult if the clips and audio all came from different places: Sorry:
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
You are running version 10.0.9 right?

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