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I have 100 pictures in a separate folder in my iPhotoa on my

Customer Question

I have 100 pictures in a separate folder in my iPhotoa on my iMac. How do I download them to GROOVEBOOK on my iPhone?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.
Hi and Welcome. My Name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you today with your question.
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The Groovebook only support photos stored in the Camera Roll. The problem is, there is no direct way to download photos from iPhoto to the Camera Roll. The photos, if synced with iTunes, will download to a separate album in Photo rather than camera roll and you will not be able to import them to GrooveBook.
So there is a work around to get the photos to Camera Roll. For that you have to upload the photos to Dropbox, then download an application named Photo Transfer App (by ERCLab, LLC) from App Store on your iPhone and then download the photos from Dropbox server to Camera Roll using that Photo Transfer App.
Step 1:
First create a Dropbox account from here -->
Then create a folder on desktop and name it something like To Dropbox. Then select, click and drag the photos from iPhoto to this folder and the photos will be copied to it.
Step 2:
Now let's upload the photos to dropbox. Open Safari and goto
Sign in to your dropbox account. After signing in, you will see a screen where you can upload the files.
So click and drag the 'To Dropbox' folder from desktop to the Dropbox website and it will start uploading. Alternatively, you can click the Upload (file icon with plus) and select the photos to upload.
Step 3 :
After uploading all the photos, you can close dropbox. Now on your iPhone, open App Store and search this application "Photo Transfer App (by ERCLab, LLC)". You can try the free one first before purchasing the full version.
You must install the aforementioned (from ERCLab, LLC) application -->
Step 4 :
Open it and select Receive. Select Dropbox which is under Receive from Cloud. It will ask you to authorize Dropbox. So authorize it with your dropbox user account and password.
Then it will load the contents from Dropbox. Now, select your pictures and tap Done.
Under Select Destination, tap it and select Camera Roll. Choose the Resolution you want and click Download in the top right corner. This will download the photos to Camera Roll. Now you can import them to Groovebook
Remember, this is only a work around as there is no other solutions available. There is not even any options in OS X or iPhoto that can import photos from it to Camera Roll.
I have tried this myself and it worked for me. If you have any difficulty on following the steps, please let me know and I will walk you through it.
Also, please don't rate me bad or poor if you couldn't make it work. Instead please let me know and I will continue to help you.
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.
Since you are not online, I'm also going offline. But if you have any difficulty on following the steps above, please post a reply back here and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have used Groovebook for almost a year and have NEVER had to go to Dropbox to download. Also, I am not connected to iCloud because I hate iCloud. I know there is another way through iTunes but I can't remember the steps. Maybe I should try some other source. Please let me know. I am certain this is attainable through iTunes,but I don't know how
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I must disappear for about an hour, but I hope to hear back during that time as to whether you want me to go to another source or you have found the route through iTunes.
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.
As far as I know, GrooveBook works with Camera Roll album only.
iTunes doesn't allow you to sync photos to Camera Roll, but only to new library. iTunes wil sync photos to your iPhone but to a new album rather than to Camera Roll ?
Are you 100% sure that you were able to sync photos to Grrovebook via iTunes before ?
May be it was through File Sharing in iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, open iTunes and select your iPhone in iTunes. Click on Apps in the left column. Scroll down in the right screen to File Sharing session and do you see GroveBook there ?
I'm asking because the version of GrooveBook doesn't appear in my iTunes under File Sharing.
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.
If you just want to sync photos to iPhone, then open iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes, click on Photos option in the left column. Then enable Sync Photos option in there.
Choose iPhoto and select the Album to sync. Click Apply or Sync button. This will transfer the photos to your iPhone to a new album. Open GrooveBook and does it allow you to import photos from this album ?
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.
The latest Groovebook application is not available in App Store of my country. So I downloaded a copy from internet and installed it. When I opened and checked it, it only allowed me to to import photos from Camera Roll albums. None of my synced albums appeared there.
It is possible that you have the Groovebook which is newer than my version which allow you to import photos through File Sharing or from other albums.
Following are the two ways to transfer the photos to your iPhone through iTunes.
Method 1 :
Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your Mac. Select your iPhone in iTunes (in the top left). From the iPhone summary screen, click the Photos option in the left column. Enable "Sync Photos" option and select iPhoto if it is not already selected there. Now, select the albums you want to sync to your iPhone and click the Sync or Apply button.
This will transfer the photos to new album in your iPhone. Open GrooveBook and see if it allow you to import from that album.
Method 2 :
Via File Sharing method. This is the most common method to transfer files from computer to iPhone. This only works if the application supports File Sharing. I checked my Groovebook version on my iTunes and it doesn't allow that File Sharing option. So I want you to check where your Groovebook version provide that option.
First you have to take out the photos from iPhoto to desktop so you can send them through File Sharing. To do that, just create a folder on desktop and name it anything. Then click and drag the photos out of iPhoto to the new folder you've created and the photos will be downloaded to it.
Then open iTunes. Select iPhone in iTunes. This time click on Apps option in left column. You will see list of Apps in the right side.
Scroll down and you will see File Sharing section and list of File Sharing enabled applications ?
Do you see Groovebook there ? If so, select it. Then in the right click column, click Add File button and select all the folders that you downloaded to the desktop and upload them.
Open Groovebook and see if the photos are uploaded.
Refer this article -->
To my knowledge these are only two ways to share photos through iTunes to your iPhone.
You should start using Dropbox. It is far better than iCloud. Important transfer of photos, files etc can be done via Dropbox. I'd recommend to use it. If the Groovebook requires photos to be in the Camera Roll, then you may need to try my work around I sent you. There might be other work around avaialble, but the one I sent works without any problems. I've tried it myself. It only requires a one time setup and then everything is easy to do.
Let me know what you think.