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Mike, Mac Medic
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 8996
Experience:  Over 20 years IT experience with Apple computers in publishing, marketing and design.
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Hi Jason,I have the following problem with my Macbook:Had

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Hi Jason,
I have the following problem with my Macbook:
Had to get the hard drive replaced.
Now Office does not allow me to insert pictures in documents, on Facebook etc. When I open 'photos' the 'open' box is not in bold letters.
When saving a document in Word I get the message: The XML-based format that Word documents are saved in by default. Cannot store VBA macro mode. Also this is now added next to the title of the file: [compatibility mode].
Am completely at a loss.
Thank you in advance to have a look at this!


I'm Lindie, and I’m a moderator for this topic. I sent your requested professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online.

If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Lindie,

thank you for the update.


The problem seems to be around the compatibility issue.

This was not a problem before the hard drive was replaced due to a completely frozen Macbook - the screensaver did not budge, however, the clock worked alright.

The Apple Store technitians could not pinpoint the problem.

The feature 'double click' to highlight a word does not work in word any more either.


With warm regards



Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I need some information to get started on your question.

Please go to the Apple logo on the upper left of the screen, go to About This Mac (DO NOT Select More Info), and tell me the Version (under Mac OS X), the Processor and the Memory, it is all right there.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike,


Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory 2GB 1067 Mhz DDR3





System Version please.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.




Ok. I want you to check some things that may or may not be affecting the situation. It is posted as an Answer because of site rules but it is really just a diagnostic test. So please don't Rate to Finish just Reply to Expert when done.

Open Macintosh HD / Applications / Utilities and double click Disk Utility. Highlight your hard drive, usually Macintosh HD, and click on Verify Disk on the far right. If that is OK in green type, then click on Repair Permissions on the left.

Note: If Verify Disk is not OK try to Repair. If Repair is successful then Repair Permissions if it is not successful let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have done all that and now have the message


'Permission repair complete'

OK and Verify Disk was also ok? If so now open Word and go to Help / Check for Updates then let me know
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

verify disk was also ok


the help window asks me how I want to update:

manually or automatically and at what intervals


Say automatically every day
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

don't know if you received my last reply:

I went ahead with the update and now am at a stage where I have to key in the administrator password XXXXX I am not even aware of, meaning I do not know it and am stumped.

I guess this is not included in my support with my question.

I had been at that point before and travelled to the nearest Apple Store where they did some fast keyboarding and then only had to key in the Office disk code (the numbers at the bar code) to upload Office.

Sorry, I am really stumped by now. though everything you told me to do worked exactly as you told me to.


It is asking for your computer user password XXXXX need it to install "anything". You don't know it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have an Apple I.D. and password, would that be t h e password?


I know I am a complete computer dummy..

No it is your computer user password. Have you ever installed anything before?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no, only the Office software and for that you only need the code

No you would have also needed the user password. If you don't know it you can just change it but you will need your Snow Leopard 10.6 installation disk. Do you have that handy?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

now it is getting scary...


I have a MacBook Application Install DVD


MacBook Mac OS X Install DVD


btw is this not getting beyond what you have to do in this case? I don't want to ask for too much

No you have to have the lastest updates for Office as well as install any system updates. You will need to know the password XXXXX any case. Put the Install disk in and restart the computer holding the C key until you see the Apple logo. When you get to the screen choose your language and then continue. Don't install, you will see a Utilitites drop down at the top of the screen choose Reset Password XXXXX then change it. Full directions and pictures are here:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can see you rolling your eyes now:


tried all my passwords and hit the right one, now all updates are complete and I can import a pic onto a word documents.

I think the updates were not up to date because they were on 'manually'


Do you think this solves my problem?

No that's great!! It should fix it but you should also go to the Apple logo to Software Update just in case.

If you are satisfied, please kindly Accept and provide an OK Rating - or Above. If you are not satisfied, please don't Rate to Finish and Reply to Expert and let me know what I can do to change that. If we solved your problem, giving me high marks on the survey and / or bonuses are also GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
Mike, Mac Medic
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 8996
Experience: Over 20 years IT experience with Apple computers in publishing, marketing and design.
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