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question about I pad mini I was just given a new I pad mini

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question about I pad mini

I was just given a new I pad mini brand new. and I have an eight year old or older dell computer, at the motel the dell consistently gets a good or great signal, but the vast majority of the time the mini does not get any signal They have to be using the same wi-fi as it is the only one showing up and the only pass word that I put in them. The mini I would expect much better luck with, what can I do to check and see if it has a problem, the dell is nothing special and has been used very hard over the years and I am luck that it even works.
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The iPad Mini's wireless antenna is smaller and less powerful than the one in your laptop, just because the Mini is much smaller. If your router emits a marginal signal at the location you are at, the Mini may experience issues while the Dell works fine.

First, I would reset the network settings (Settings-->General-->Reset Network). Once done, reconnect it to the network and check if reception has improved.

Also, I would suggest you take the Mini to another location with wireless (such asa cofee shop) and test it. If you still have issues, simply take it into any Apple store - they will replace it promptly (regardless of who the original owner is).

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