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Yay! I have Mavericks downloaded- and for free :) Now getting

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Yay! I have Mavericks downloaded- and for free :) Now getting used to it. Mail is quite different.
1. Can I get the color options in a toolbar instead of having to go into Format?
2. I purchased a song a few days ago that went into my iPhone's Music and iPad's music. Now that I have icloud access in MacBookPro, I thought the song would be in my laptop's songs, but it isn't there. Can I get it into my laptop's song list?
That's it for now.
Thanks so much,
Hello, Holly!

Glad to hear you have installed Mavericks. I think it's the best release of OS X since Snow Leopard. :-)

1. Are you talking about text color options when composing a message? If so, in the Compose window you should see a toolbar with 4 icons, the second one opens a Formatting toolbar which includes a color well to set text color.

If you don't see this option, while in the Compose window, go up to the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose View > Show Toolbar.

2. To make sure new purchases made on your iPhone or iPad get downloaded into iTunes on your computer you will want to make sure the following is true:

a. You are signed into the iTunes Store; in iTunes, click "Store" in the menu bar and choose "Sign In...". If you only see "Sign Out" then skip this step;

b. in iTunes, click "iTunes" at the top of the screen in the menu bar and then choose Preferences. Click the Store tab. Make sure there is a check mark next to "Always check for available downloads". Under Automatic Downloads make sure a check mark is next to "Music". Further down the page, also make sure a check mark is next to "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases". Then click OK.

c. To download previously purchased content that is not already on your Mac, do the following;

In iTunes, select the iTunes Store. Sign in with the same Apple ID and Password, if you are not already.

In the iTunes Store, you should see a Quick Links sidebar at the right side of the page. Look for the "Purchased" option and click it.

On the Purchased page, you will see a toggle near the top-right of the page labeled as "All | Not In My Library". Select "Not In My Library".

Under Music, select "All Songs" from the listing at the left and then click "Download All" in the bottom right.

Repeat the above for "TV Shows", "Apps", and "Books"; making the appropriate choices as applicable.

Once the downloads have completed, you should be all set!

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Since you're up late, too, I'll ask you about iOS7. It's really poor. As my son says, "It looks like a seven year old designed it."

I've read that it's supposed to be imitating Androids or something- OS's that are of the PC ilk.

That's a big mistake- Apple software has always been so much better than "the dark side's"

Is Apple slipping with the passing of Steve Jobs?


Hi Holly! :-)

Actually... I really, really like iOS 7. Yes, the cosmetics take some getting used to in the beginning but I've been using test releases since June and I have to say, every time I see an iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 I'm surprised at how "old" and "quaint" it looks to me now. In fact, I try to avoid even running third party apps that haven't been updated to support iOS 7. I could never go back to 6.

Personally, I've felt for some time that iOS needed a big change. It had stagnated for far too long. iOS 7 is *not* exactly what I had in mind at all but I think it *is* a move in the right direction. Nothing is perfect in the beginning and I think it will improve as updates arrive. Were you around for OS X 10.0? If so, think about how much it has been refined over the years into 10.9.

As far as looking like Android - I really don't think it does. The only thing they sort of have in common is that "flat" style but this is just a current trend in design in general. I don't like that aspect of it much BUT I'm so thankful that the oddball graphics in older versions of Contacts (looking like a book), Calendar, etc... are gone (on both iOS and Mavericks actually). All the faux wood, leather, etc...gone. I always thought those styles were kind of childish really but obviously Steve Jobs liked them.

So, I think iOS 7 is still much, much better than the dark side. ;-) Just give it time and actually use it... and watch what the developers do with it over the next few months.

Also, I really don't think Apple is slipping at all. I'm happy with iOS 7... VERY, VERY happy with OS X Mavericks. Like I said earlier, I think it's the best release of OS X since Snow Leopard. All the iWork and iLife apps have been redesigned and are being given away as free upgrades and free with new hardware for the Apple faithful users. The new hardware looks good (I want that iPad Air and new Mac Pro!).

There will never be another Steve Jobs but Apple is FULL of great minds like XXXXX XXXXX, Jonathan Ive, Craig Federighi, etc... What I think has changed is that the media is simply looking for failure from Apple now that's he's gone. People forget that Apple had duds under Jobs, too, (like the over-priced G4 Cube that I loved but sold in dismal numbers) and that it was often years between the really ground-breaking products (iPod in 2001, iPhone not until 2007, etc...).

So... no worries.


John T. F. and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi John,


Thank you for taking the time to give that lengthy answer. I feel better about Apple now. Smile


Here's my next question. Please send smiley faces w answer- I have unlimited subscription. I don't know if that shows to you folks when we ask questions.


I noticed you said iWork upgrades are being given free. I bought iWorks (I think that's what Pages, Keynote, Numbers are called) when I got this laptop. When I went to the App Store for Mavericks, I thought I noticed that iWorks was $30? Is there a way I can get the upgrades for free?





Hi again. Wink

Do you currently have all the iWork apps installed and in their default location in Applications? If so, now that Mavericks is installed then the Mac App Store should offer you upgrades for each.

Open the Mac App Store

Click the button at the top of the window for Updates. Give it a moment to check and it should offer all the iWork app upgrades.

After they are installed, quit and restart the Mac App Store. Verify the apps show up under "Purchases".

Note when it installs the new versions, it leaves the old versions behind. You can leave them there in case you find you prefer the older releases but you can also just trash the "iWork '09" folder, if you want.


I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. If you need further assistance on this issue, please let me know. If you are satisfied but have not yet rated, please do so. Positive ratings assure I remain in good standing.

Also, feel free to request me again at any time when you come back to ask another Apple-related question.

I can be reached directly via the following page:

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm sorry, John,... I didn't get back to you. Got so busy w my students and classroom.


OK-- on my App store screen, it says all the iWork apps are installed- and the App store shows them w the new icons.


However, in my dock, the only new icon is the Pages one- w the pen and paper. The other two icons stayed the same. I opened Keynote to see if that was what was needed, but the icon remained the brown, wood podium.


I know it's picky, but do you know how I can get Keynote and Numbers showing their new-look icons?


I do already like the newer versions instead of iWork09- in Pages, for example, I can make an outline the way I always learned to do it. In old Pages, the app decided for me.


Soooo, once I am sure the new versions of iWorks are really in my laptop, yes, I'd like to delete iWorks 09. All I do is drag it from Applications folder to the trash???


Thanks so mcuh,



Hi Holly!

Life and commitments get the best of us. :-)

Yes, you can drag the "iWork '09" folder to the trash and also drag the older icons off of your Dock.

Before you do that though, look in the Applications folder and make sure the newer versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers are sitting in the folder (They will just be in the Applications folder, NOT in an iWork folder).

If they are there, go ahead and trash "iWork '09" and empty the trash.

Once that is done, start Keynote and Numbers from the Applications folder and the icons should show up in the Dock.

To keep them there;

Control click each icon in the Dock, hover your mouse over "Options" and select "Keep in Dock".

You should be all set!

John T. F. and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you