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A new question is answered every 9 seconds MacBookPro shut down unexpectedly as I was watching

This answer was rated: MacBookPro shut down unexpectedly as I was watching a downloaded TV show series from Amazon. The entire computer screen went black. I thought it might have gotten too hot; it was plugged into the wall socket. When I tried to turn it on a few hours later, the white apple screen appeared with the wheel turning, then it went black again. I left it to this morning and tried again, I plugged the unit into a different wall socket and turned it back on. When it was up I plugged in my back-up unit. However, the photos I downloaded from my iPhone, last week are nowhere to be found? So can you help me retrieve my recent photos?

And if not, does iCloud, on which I had all the photos, save them? I have not turned off my cell phone since this happened. Can iCloud put these photos back on my phone (after transferring those photos from my phone to my computer, I deleted some of the photos, but again did not turn off my phone yet for iCloud to realize I deleted some).
Hello! My name isXXXXX will work diligently to provide accurate advice and information.

It sounds like your MBP is running normally now, but you are in search of some photos.

Can you tell me what version of iOS is installed on the iPhone?

Also, what version of OS X you are running on the Mac?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have an iPhone 5 and went to an Apple class about it. So I understand that iCloud saves when you turn off your phone, which I have not done since downloading those photos from the phone to my computer.


My operating system on my MacBook Pro is either Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion, whichever is the newer. I upgraded about 6 months ago. It says, OS X Version 10.8.5, I have 4GM memory and 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, if that helps??


Why would it revert back to before I loaded those photos? I took a trip to France and had about 1500 photos...

Thanks so much John for your help.

Hi Janet,

The iPhone 5 actually syncs with iCloud frequently throughout the day. It will back up once a day when the phone is plugged in and idle (when the screen is off usually).

On your Mac, you are running the latest release currently so that would be Mountain Lion, thanks. It shouldn't have reverted, even with system problems, unless you tried restoring an older back up from Time Machine but that doesn't sound like it's the case here.

On your iPhone,

tap Settings
tap General
tap About
look for Version and tell me the number it lists, please.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

7.0.2 (11A501)



And I found my photos? I don't get it???


Good to hear, where did you find them?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well, the iPhoto icon at the bottom of my toolbar, disappeared during this attempt at back-up. So I went to finder/applications and found it and clicked on it. There were two iPhoto files so I opened the bottom one and there they were? Geez.


My iPhone, by the way, says I have 3,436 photos in the settings area, so they are somewhere perhaps, but when I open my phone's camera roll, it says I have 1,382.



Were both iPhoto icons labeled simply as "iPhoto"? You should only have one of these in Applications.

Due to the lock up, it's possible you have file system issues or issues with the iPhoto database and you may wish to check this. You can check the file system, as follows;

Shutdown your Mac.

Restart and, as soon as you hear the startup chime, press and hold the “OPTION” key at boot until the boot menu appears and then select the “Recovery HD" option.

Wait for “OS X Utilities” menu to appear (DO NOT CHOOSE TO INSTALL)

Choose Disk Utility from the available options.

In Disk Utility, select your normal, bootable hard drive volume from the list in the sidebar (usually "Macintosh HD").

Then, Click "Repair Disk"

If it finds errors, repeat the process until it reports the drive is OK.

Next, click "Repair Disk Permissions"

Then, restart your Mac and it should boot back into your normal Desktop.


As to the number of photos on the iPhone, the number of photos listed in Settings will also include those in other albums such as Photo Stream. If you open the Photos app on the iPhone and choose the "Albums" view then it will tell you the number of photos below each album.

If you still have concerns, please do not negatively rate my answer, simply reply back before rating. I'll be more than happy to work with you further. Hopefully, this info will answer your question. When you are satisfied, please give my answers a positive rating. You are judging my personal service only (not this website or your issue) and high ratings assure I remain in good standing.

Thanks and good luck,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I did as you suggested and rebooted in Recovery HD. Hit Repair Disk and a number of items came up as "checking" this and that. Then a green line of type came up and said, "Volume Macintosh HD appears to be ok."


Now I'm left wondering why the computer went black in the first place. Aah the mysteries of life. Thank you John for your excellent help with making sure my photos are secure. Perhaps I need a back-up device with more memory space? Or maybe it was something from Amazon's site? Take care and thanks again

Hi again,

If it only happened once then it was likely a fluke, if it happens repeatedly then I would begin to be concerned.

As long as you back up drive is at least as large as your internal hard drive then it should be fine. Just make sure it is backing up as intended in System Preferences > Time Machine. It should list the latest backup and then time of the next back up.

If the current issue has been resolved to your satisfaction, please remember to rate me accordingly.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hey John sorry to bother you again. While the photos before were restored to my MacBook Pro. The problem with the unexpected shutdown happened again. After a while I turned it back on with the Macintosh recovery/option. After a few minutes it went black again. At this point, it's pretty obvious I'm going to have to send it into Apple for service. My question is do you think that my data/pictures will be recoverable? And should I go to Best Buy and try to recover the information before I send it off for a new hard drive? About a year ago I had something similar happened. Different but similar and had to send it off. They replace the hard drive but none of my information was recoverable. Personally it feels like a scam to have to replace your hard drive every year. I'm sure that's not the case but I'm so frustrated.
No a problem at all.

Did you check the size of the external back up drive? I don't think the issue you are experiencing is a hard drive issue but it's important you have a complete back up solution either way it goes.