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I tried to send an email to a lot of recipients and got an

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I tried to send an email to a lot of recipients and got an error back. Trouble is, I can't see the bottom of the error message to try to resolve it. It is below my screen shot and I cannot get it to be smaller or get to the bottom to select a choice. I tried shutting down mail and it won't let me do that either.

I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your question today.

If possible, try accessing your email on a different computer or device and let me know what the error message is.
Also let me know who your email provider is, and what email application you are using.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It just says Warning at the top.


But I have since figured out what was wrong with the addresses and why it kicked it back with a warning. The person who sent me the addresses put ; (colons) between each one and they needed commas. So it's something about this not being a correct address because it is reading the entire thing as one address. At the bottom, I know there are two to three choices it is offering me. One is send message anyway (default), Two is Cancel Message or something to that effect and the Third one I can't read. I need to choose Cancel Message but it will not let me go down to that area and select it. I have even tried to tab to the next answer and it won't let me do that.

I cannot figure out how to get down there to select an answer since it is below the laptop screen.

Hi Beth,
In that case, you will need to try force-quitting the email application and resend the email again, this time with commas.

To force quit the email program, choose Force Quit from the Apple menu (or press Command-Option-Esc), then choose the email program in the Force Quit window, and click Force Quit.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Pete....I could not find a force quit earlier. Should have googled that.


Looks like that solved my problem.


Have a great day!