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Hi, I have a Macbook. I know how to make folders: I go to the

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Hi, I have a Macbook. I know how to make folders: I go to the top menu bar and click "File" and scroll down to and click "New Folder". But I don`t know how to make files for these folders. For example, I have a Folder say with "Building a new garage" and then I want to make many different files to put into that folder. For example, I want a file "List of electrician contacts" or "List of roofers" in a separate file. So my question is: how do I make this file and then how do I put it into the Folder? Thank you,
Hi and Welcome. My Name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to assisting you today with your question.

There are thousands of different file formats out there, like Text Files, Image Files, Documents, Presentations etc

If you want to create a normal text/document file, all you have to do is go to Applications folder and open Text Edit application. In Text Edit, type your data, then click on File menu and select Save. Now, save the file to any location you want. This is how you create simple text or document files.

Let me know if you need more help with that.

Best Regards,
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Leonard, if you need any help please reply back here and I will walk you through it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, I tried to ask you a question previously here, but it didn`t seem to get through. Thanks for your prompt and clear answer. I managed to make a file and add some text to it and then I saved it. But then I clicked the red button in the top left corner to "x" it/ what do I say? cancel it, but after I did this, I couldn`t find the file. So my question to you is "how do I put a saved file in a folder?" Also what are the names of the red, yellow and green buttons on the top left corner of screens(for canceling, putting the screen down on the bottom bar and for enlarging the screen?) And what are each of these actions called, as I am using layman`s language. Thanks so much. You are making my day!

Red button is to close the file. If it is saved already, then it won't ask you to save it again and instead it will close. If the file is not saved, then it will ask you to save it or cancel the file before closing

Green button is to fill the Text Edit application in the entire screen.

Yellow button is to minimize or hide the Text Edit application to the dock without closing the application. Suppose, if you want to browse internet while creating a file, then you can minimize the file to the dock instead of closing it, then browse and then continue work later by clicking the Text Edit application in dock.

If you saved the file, check the location where you saved it. Do you remember where you saved it ?

Normally the files are saved in the Documents folder or in desktop. Can you see it in desktop ? If not, then it should be on your Documents folder.

In dick, click on the Finder icon (the blue smilie) icon. This will open your Home folder. Open Documents folder in there and can you see your file there ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi thanks again for your response. I would have rated that a good response. It answered my questions, but there were two problems:

1. you wrote "In dick, click on the Finder icon (the blue smilie) icon." I don`t know what "In dick" means.

2. This is a small detail, but you might have added that the most recent saved file may not necessarily appear at the very top or bottom of Documents. This would have aided me a little, but just a little.

Thanks so much. I look forward to asking you more questions.

Scamper (I want to use this name for myself now)

Oops, sorry. Meant to be dock

You can decide where you want to store the files when saving it. When you select Save, it will bring the pop up box. Select desktop or any location you want in there and the file will be saved there with the name you've given to it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Where is the "Dock" that you refer to?


If it is under the Apple icon on the top men bar (or what`s its real name?), then on my computer it doesn`t have the Finder Icon (the blue smilie icon). I must be looking in the wrong place. Thanks again. and goodnight. i will check your answer in the morning as I am really sleepy.


See the picture, that is the dock. It normally is in the bottom.