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Hi -- I have a MacBook with 10.5.8, no auto upgrades suggested.

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Hi --

I have a MacBook with 10.5.8, no auto upgrades suggested.
iTunes at 10.6.3, content with itself, as well --

my iPhone 4S just re-upped itself to 7.0.2, and now will not sync without a more advanced iTunes 11;
the iTunes 11 will not install itself on the MacBook with less than 10.6.

How do I encourage the MacBook to upgrade to a level where the new iPhone upgrade will work with a congenial iTunes version?

Thanks -- unexpected glitch. I'll take it in, if helpful, but I'm just circling sync-less here.

Bob Nesheim
Duluth MN but within easy range of the Applestore in Uptown Mpls MN
Hello! My name isXXXXX will work diligently to provide accurate advice and information.

Can you tell me the serial number for this MacBook?

Click the Apple Logo in the menubar at the top of the screen

Select "About This Mac"

In the window that opens, look for the "Version" information. Then, repeatedly click on the word "Version" until it says "Serial Number" and please provide that number.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Here it be: W 8828 CU 90P1

Thanks, Bob!

According tothe info on your Mac, it does indeed support newer versions of OS X. It will support up to OS X 10.8 currently but you must move to 10.6 first.

Going from OS X 10.5.x to OS X 10.6.x is a paid upgrade.

It is no longer officially sold in most stores and if you can't readily find it most customers have been able to get it from Apple by ordering online or via telephone.

For a limited time, it may be available via the Apple Online store in the US:

Alternatively, you can call 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753) and tell them you want the Snow Leopard upgrade which they can send on DVD for around $20 USD shipped.

Once you have the disc, the upgrade process is fairly simple. After the install, keep running System Preferences > Software Update until no more updates are offered and it will also upgrade iTunes to the latest available release.

Once you have 10.6.8 installed, you may be able to upgrade to the latest release of OS X (10.8 Mountain Lion) via the Mac Store. Sadly, you must have 10.6.8 installed first to upgrade further as I previously mentioned.

If you still have concerns, please do not negatively rate my answer, simply reply back before rating. I'll be more than happy to work with you further. Hopefully, this info will answer your question. When you are satisfied, please give my answers a positive rating. You are judging my personal service only (not this website or your issue) and high ratings assure I remain in good standing.

Thanks and good luck,
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