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ehabtutor, Software Engineer
Category: Mac
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Hi, How can I add a photo to my JA question to my auto mechanic?

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How can I add a photo to my JA question to my auto mechanic? There used to be an option to do that but I don't see it anymore

ehabtutor :


ehabtutor :

you can do that by using the paper clip icon, in the editor here.

ehabtutor :

once you click it, next to the image url there is a small icon when you click on it, you can browse your mac for the image and finally click ok to upload it.

ehabtutor :

Alternatively you can use any file sharing websites such as

ehabtutor :

you can upload the image there, then you will be given a download link. copy it and paste it in the question so the other person can download it.

ehabtutor :

let me know if you need any more help

ehabtutor :


ehabtutor :

ehab tutor

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I see the problem. None of the tools at the top of the box show here on iPad.
Reason #465 why my iPad was a waste of money
I'll do it on laptop tho pic is on iPad PIA
Hi Holly,

this problem also occurs on some of the browsers such as google chrome.

you can use either or

They are both very useful websites for file and image sharing.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

ehab tutor
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do think google anything doesn't work as well on Apple devices as it does on PC format ones. But, I use Firefox as my browser here on MacBookPro. But, was using Safari on iPad. I don't think we can even access Firefox on iPads. Sort of the way Bill Gates built in Internet Explorer in his products, Steve Jobs kind of built in Safari on iPads, it seems.


But, I imported the picture I needed into laptop fm iPad and send message to mechanic with pic right there in the body of the message.

worked perfectly on laptop.


Thank you for the additional information on file sharing. what is


Holly is a file sharing website where you can have an account with 2GB of space to store any file you want. you can then access them anytime. Share them or remove them.

ehab tutor
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Send smiley faces again and we can close out for now.