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Michelle, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 982
Experience:  Apple Computers and Mobile support with 12 years of exp.
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My camera lens will not open on my iPad how do I get it to

Customer Question

My camera lens will not open on my iPad how do I get it to work again?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Michelle replied 4 years ago.

Michelle :

Hi, and welcome! My name is Michelle and I am excited to get started with you.

Lets try a few troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue. Lets first start with force quitting your camera app. To do this, double tap the home button fast. You will then see a series of open applications. Locate the camera app and press and hold it until you see a red prohibitory sign appear. Tap the sign and then re-open your camera app

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : It did not work the app does not open at all to close
Michelle :

When you reset your iPad, did you do so by pressing and holding both the sleep and home button until the apple logo appeared or did you reset your iPad via general<settings?

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : Both
Michelle :

Ok, then the next step is to actually restore your ipad which sets it back to manufacture settings. Are you backing up your data using icloud?

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : This is a company iPad I am not authorized to wipe out the ipad
Michelle :

Ok then lets try to force quit again. You mentioned earlier that you did not see open apps when you double tapped the home button. Can you try it again. Double tap in faster than you did the first time

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : I did it and no dice it will not open the lens shutter
Michelle :

You jumped ahead a little :) After you successfully force quit the camera app, I was going to then instruct to force quit all the running apps and then reset your iPad by pressing both the sleep and home button for 30 secs. Do not open the app until the reset is complete

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : Ok will do hang in there:)
Michelle :

Sure.. Im very patient

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : ok iPad iOS back on now what
Michelle :

Now try to launch your camera app

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : nothing it opens to a closed shutter
Michelle :

There are two options. The first one will fix your issue indefinitely however you mentioned you are not authorized to do so. The second option is an update (if you are authorized) iOS 7 comes out tomorrow and is a free update that will not erase any of your data. Are you authorized to upgrade the software on your iPad?

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : Yes
Michelle :

Are you able to hold off until tomorrow or do you need the camera to function now

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : iI can wait til tomorrow
Michelle :

Ok so we will leave this chat open. Go ahead and bookmark it. The update will be over the air so if you click on settings <general< software update. It will be listed there

Michelle :

Hopefully by 12 noon tomorrow it will appear

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : Ok how do I bookmark this
Michelle :

If you are using safari, click on bookmarks in the top menu bar and then choose Add bookmark.

Michelle :

Save it to the bookmark bar so it is easier to fin

Michelle :


Michelle :

There should also be a link to this chat in your inbox

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : Ok I will use the inbox cant find bookmark thing
Michelle :

You can also hit Command+ D to bookmark too

JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : I am on my iPhone is that why no bookmark
JACUSTOMER-kt51trn2- : no bookmark nocommand d either
Michelle :

Ha ha ooh Im so sorry. There should be a square with an arrow next to a book icon at the bottom menu bar on your phone

Michelle :

Click on that and choose Bookmark

Michelle :

Good Afternoon, Just wanted to give you a friendly reminder to download iOS 7. This is a major upgrade and your operating system will look completely different but its a great one. Since you use this for work purposes, I recommend checking to see if you work apps will run on the new OS. To upgrade, click on Settings<General<Software Update. Here is the link for more details on iOS 7 Happy Downloading :)