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Hi 9-6-13 1. I have an Air with a Superdrive, new.I connect

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Hi 9-6-13
1. I have an Air with a Superdrive, new.I connect it to USB, what should I see where on the screen. I need an icon somewhere to turn on the disk I put in, how does it get to play and STOP. I read of ways to eject, give me the easiest little arrow.
3.I need an options menu to read, write etc, where so
4. I want a static dvd icon with functions, possible?

Do you have a blank CD or DVD? Or a commercial movie DVD?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

commercial infomation dvd, Nikon


You don't have any movies on DVD? Or blank CDs or DVDs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The virus to gmail selections and boxes came from the Nikon dvd. So did not try anything else until I know how Superdrive should operate

It is highly unlikely that a Nikon DVD gave you a virus. For one thing there are literally zero viruses for Mac the other is an Official Nikon DVD would be very carefully checked before sending them out. Why do you think you have a virus?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Glad to hear no virus problem which I thought was weird, something else.


focus on the Superdrive original question

I found info on eject in Finder, icon for eject


What icon/location is there for play, write, so I can control the disk.

one Apple guy showed me command/delete if that is correct. for eject


how to make a dvd. this is not user friendly now


If you put a movie DVD in it will automatically open DVD Player and then you will see the controls to play stop, etc... If you put a blank DVD or CD in it will pop up on the screen and you can drag items to it to copy or if you want to make a music CD from iTunes you can do that too. There is nothing to show you how to do any of that until you actually put a DVD in. Here is a good tutorial:

Mike and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Her is another tutorial it is for Snow Leopard but is the same for the newer systems:

Let me know if you have questions.