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Michelle, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 982
Experience:  Apple Computers and Mobile support with 12 years of exp.
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My I Mac will not turn on

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My I Mac will not turn on

Michelle :

Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.

So I can better assist you, I will need additional information. Does your mac fail to power on or does it fail to actually boot to your desktop?

Michelle :


Customer: Will not power on
Michelle :

Thank you for clarifying. Lets try a few troubleshooting steps to determine if your issue is hardware related. First, remove the power cord from the back of the iMac

Customer: Ok done
Michelle :

Is there another outlet that you are able to use?

Michelle :

If not, go ahead and connect your iMac again. Wait 5 sec and then press the power button

Customer: Ok done
Michelle :

Now go ahead and press the power button after waiting 5 secs

Customer: Do pug the cord back in to Mac
Michelle :

Yes please. And after plugging it in, wait 5 secs and then press the power button

Customer: Well just min it maybe working its booting
Michelle :

Ok great. Let me know when it boots to the desktop. What we just did was reset your computers SMC. This helps when your computer has trouble powering on or fan issues

Customer: Well it rebootrdting what in hell did we do
Michelle :

What we just did was reset your computers SMC. This helps when your computer has trouble powering on or fan issues

Customer: So what just unplugging it
Michelle :

It should not happen again, but if it does.. You can reset the System Management Controller by unplugging your mac and waiting 5-10 secs before re-connecting

Michelle :

If for some reason it continues to fail to power on you may want to try a new outlet

Customer: I did earlier but didn't work
Michelle :

What did you do, unplug it or try a different outlet?

Customer: I did both earlier
Customer: withearlier with no results
Michelle :

Hmm lets see if your issue may be intermitted. Go ahead and power it off. Then when it powers off, wait 20 secs and power it back on

Customer: Sorry but have a lot of work to get done
Customer: thanks so much for the help
Michelle :

You are very welcome. I am glad you are up and running now and I can comfortably say your issue is defiantly not hardware related :)

Customer: Thanks by
Michelle :

I hope I’ve provided the resolution you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please feel free to provide a rating to end our chat. Have a fantastic rest of your day

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