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I am operating our smaller law firm in a Mac environment. We

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I am operating our smaller law firm in a Mac environment. We also have Ipad2s and iPhone 4S. I am running into a dilemma finding a CRM that is simple and that will integrate with iCal and iContacts. We were advised to get file maker and have found it not ideal for handling personal injury cases. We have a program called Prevail which is made for personal injury case management but cannot operate on Macs without parallels and has no ipad optimization. I do not know if Prevail can provide a CRM solution.

I am looking for a simple CRM that contacts can exchange or sync with iContacts and ICal. Also, being able to email from the CRMor attach it to the contact would be great. We are just getting frustrated in having too many points of entry and storing information and are not confident that FileMaker can be programmed to be both a CRM and adequate personal injury case file manager. We now operate between several programs and would not know where to start targeted email newsletters from.

This is law firm oriented and in the event a file manager cann also serve as a CRM, Security of data is a concern

Thanks for any help even if that means pointing me in the direction of a specialist who can integrate all systems. We are trying to keep it simple.

comp_audio :

Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to assist you with this CRM for your MAC environment. I will give you several options to look at. This is really the best I can offer as there are several available. I will list them as links. I hope you find this answer as acceptable, and can rate my answer appropriately. If you find that you need more assistance with this, please reply and I will do my best to accommodate you. As always excellent customer service is my goal. Bonus's are greatly appreciated.

Customer: Hi Matt
comp_audio :

Hey I am wondering if you have thought about using a Web based CRM?

comp_audio :

Sorry I did not see that you came online. Hello!

Customer: hi Matt. I understand the question is difficult as it is not confined to Mac only. Looking in the App Store is deceiving as some products claim to work with apple but may simply have an ipad application as opposed to actual synchronization. Is there a better way to pose the question or should it be posed in a different venue? I have several of these questions that relate to how to get pieces to work together. Sorry if you got stuck with a question that can't be answered
comp_audio :

I will do my best. Please understand while I may not answer this perfectly, I will do my best to get you going in the right direction.

Customer: Web based or cloud based is the only way we would go now unless our understanding of FileMaker is just not good.
comp_audio :

If you are open to going web\cloud based then you open the door greatly to different option.

comp_audio :

Have you ever heard of Salesforce? This is a web based CRM.

comp_audio :

You still with me?

Customer: We've looked at Zoho, Infusionsoft (although it may have been updated since a year ago, App Files, Salesforce, Evernote, and purchased the software for Amicus and its web based partner which works only in outlook. Outlook may be available on Mac but I can see only more confusion. prevail from practice technologies is perfect for case management but they seem to be stagnate not expanding for the mobile world and staying to windows which is a bummer. We've had no crashes with Mac in office or home while it was a weekly occurrence with Exchange server
comp_audio :

I do understand this is frustrating. I would like to offer an article that I think will give you allot of the information you are seeking, plus another users perspective. The link is in the next post.

comp_audio :

click the link, or copy and paste it into you favorite browser.

Customer: I just looked at relationships which seems to suggest two way synching. However, I need something that allows for me to do this while setting up multiple groups of client or referral source types (allowing them to be moved into another category) while linking everone and being able to keep conversation logs. Does that make sense?
comp_audio :

Yes it does. And I myself have not used Relationships, I believe it may do what you asking for. It seems it basically has tools that come with Macs already, but it takes the data and puts it in relationships, and puts all the data in and easy to access format. Or at least that is my take on it.
However, I think you might benefit from a Web Based solution. And often they can be customized as well. Look at that article I sent you, further down and it talks about WEB based crm's.

comp_audio :

And note one I think is favorable is Sugar CRM. It appears to have vast customization options, and works with all mobile devices, not just MAC's, in case you have others in the office that do not use MAC's.

comp_audio :

I am not aware if there are any cost limits your dealing with, but with many of the Web Based CRM's you could contact the maker, and often for minor fee's can get some items customized to your liking and needs.

comp_audio :

I think I have given you plenty to read through and examine for now. I will be available if you should need me further. To contact my simply reply to me here. I hope that you have found the information I have offered you beneficial. Like we said in the beginning, there is probably no correct answer to your question, but there are many options. I hope I have given you enough. I look forward to you accepting my answer and rating my service as excellent. If you do indeed need more information from me please let me know. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX


Hi Matt. Thank you and I will review the articles and look through this over the next day or so. I noticed that the service offers a free week to ask questions and it appeared as though it was MAC questions although I am not sure that was intentional. Does the service have people who may work with Prevail CMS or know how to integrate Filemaker and/or other systems with one another? How about getting advice on blogging or the efficacy of websites? I would think it would be pointing to the answer (which may be several reputable services) but that information could save me a lot of research time. In other words, are there people who work at just answer who know these things and can make rec's and if so - what department would I post the question under. Thank you Matt.

comp_audio :

Let me see if I understand your question properly.
Are you wanting to know if this question you just asked could be sent to another group? Or do you have additional questions you would like to ask? Sorry

comp_audio :

Just let me know. Thanks


Sorry - I did not mean the question I posed to you. I meant questions relating to other matters all based on technology and integration or SEO (i.e. other questions). They don't really fit into a "Mac" section. But, I suspect IT people are out there knowledgeable about the areas. I just wouldn't know what category to select from the pull down menu.



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