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When I sent photos by email it shows " warning ; .placeholder

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When I sent photos by email it shows " warning ; .placeholder text iPhoto will remove all placeholder text and send the email " what this mean? And

" iPhoto was to use your confidential inflation stores in " smt " in your key Che...." what is this mean?

When it shows. Which to push for secure privacy?
Please answer as possible easy English. Thank you.

Brian :

There are email templates in iPhoto, to help you style your message. The placeholder text is there to show you an example of the message. If you click on the placeholder text, you can change it.

The keychain alert is just asking you to allow iPhoto to send the message. You may choose OK, or Yes.

Customer: I see for second answer.
Customer: First one I don't understand. So is it okay to "allow"?
Brian :

If you haven't typed in any of your own text, iPhoto will send your photo without a message.

Brian :

Yes it is ok to "allow".

Customer: Sometime private photos were on people's profile without permission that is I am afraid of. If I sent some photos via email, i do not give permition anybody rather than reciver correct?
Customer: And receiver only see photo that I sent, correct?
Brian :

That's a very different question, but no, if you email a photo to someone, you can't really prevent them from posting it somewhere. You can tell them they're not allowed to use it, but that's difficult to enforce.

Yes, the receiver will only see the photo, or photos, you emailed to them.

Customer: Okay, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX never figure anything about computer. If anything wrong with computer. For example, stopped or black out, why people know how to fix it? What to do in that case? Where is people learning from?
Brian :

You're welcome. Being able to fix computers quickly just comes with a lot of experience.

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