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Daniel, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 4770
Experience:  Apple certified on desktop and portable, help desk qualified. Have owned and used Macs since 1989.
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Ok - So my great new - to me - iMac - 27" - is giving me a

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Ok - So my great new - to me - iMac - 27" - is giving me a bit of trouble - mainly Safari - it will not let me attach anything to an email!!! So I just clicked on the ReLoad Page from the drop down menu of the attachments - and NOW, it lets me attach something!!! Whaaat???
Hello! My name isXXXXX will work diligently to provide accurate advice and information.

Can you tell me what version of OS X you are currently running?

Click the Apple Logo in the menubar at the top of the screen

Select "About This Mac"

In the window that opens, look for the "Version" information. Please let me know what it says.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

10.8.4 , 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 - 12 BG 1333 MHz DDR3 -

and, I "solved" the issue - which still happens sometimes and then I click on the google thingy and can send files like that!


NOW, I'm trying to watch a webinar on Webinars OnAir & it came on for about 3 secs and then crashed w/a "plugin failure" message and then a black screen ... I refreshed, went to the original email and clicked on the link again and still no pic or sound!!! grrrrr! I thought when I got a different computer, that my problems would be over ... NOT SO... aaarrrggg!

Thanks, I'm sorry but something has come up and I need to step away from the computer. I will opt out so another expert can step in and continue.

Thanks and good luck!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Hello, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.

Please tell me how you are connected to the net, wireless or with an ethernet cable.
Also do you have a router or go directly to the modem.
Next, please tell me who your ISP is.

How do you interact with email? Online or thrugh Apple Mail app?

I am trying to get a handle on the problem.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

iMac 27" - 10.8.4 , 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 - 12 BG 1333 MHz DDR3 -

wireless via a Belkin router - I connect via the Direct TV partner - only 1.5 gig download speed - that's the highest I can get for this bldg!


I use gmail - HATE the mac mail app!

Ok, I think the issue is the connection speed, it is very important for any video.
That 1.5 is on a good day with little traffic, more likely you are getting 700MBs and that is slow for todays standards.
A good test is to try Netflix, a free 1 month trial, and see what you get, it will probably be fuzzy and choppy plus very slow to load.
If possible take your Mac to a place with faster network and try it, I think it will show you.

I use Mac Mail for all 8 of my email accounts including gmail. I have found nothing any thing nearly as secure.

Try that, I know it is a hassle but worth the time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I thought Mac Mail and gmail were mutually exclusive!??? How do you use gmail w/it???


And, I can't schlepp this 35# XXXXX to somewhere else to check it out! <sigh> I watch stuff on Hulu and aside from the occasional "allow ads" works fine... what did the "plug in failure" message mean?

Are there plugins I should have that I don't???

It could be that Flash needs updating, go here for that.
Select Mac OS X 19.6 - 10.9 and Flash 11.

This will help with Mail set up, it can handle most email clients out there.
I have AOL, gmail, Time Warner, Apple and Yahoo, a mix of POP and IMAP.
Plus all my contacts are secure on my Mac not on some remote server, very secure.
I once had them on AOL and was hacked, got all kinds of stuff to the whole list. Now, no more hacking or compromise.

Since taking it somewhere else is out make sure nothing else is running and maybe reset Safari, or try using Firefox for the.
To reset Safari select it from the Safari drop down menu.

Then try it.
Daniel, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 4770
Experience: Apple certified on desktop and portable, help desk qualified. Have owned and used Macs since 1989.
Daniel and 3 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, I'll try all these - only I don't understand the Pop and IMAP stuff at all - I see it sometimes when I'm on my android phone or iPad... aaarrrggg!

And after I do these things, and rate your service, I will ask a new question about the Pop & IMAP...Smile

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Neither of the things you have checked on the example for reseting Safari appears on the list ! And the order of the other things is different from your example!!! NO "remove all cookies" - NO "Empty cache" - Whaaat???

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