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I keep getting "iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your

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I keep getting "iPhoto has detected inconsistencies in your library" messages and iPhoto quits unexpectantly everytime I use it. I have tried doing the repair of the library that is offered but no change. I have gone to Library First Aid and Held down option + common keys while opening iPhoto and repaired it that way, also. Still no improvement. Do you have any suggestions? I have 80,000 photos in my library and worry that it is just too much for the program, so I have been going through them and removing them slowly. Very frustrating at this point. thank you for any help or suggestions. Annette
Hi and Welcome. My Name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to assisting you today with your question.

Since you already tried rebuilding with iPhoto itself, we can rebuild your iPhoto Library with a third party application named iPhoto Library Manager . Get it from here (just try the trial version) :

iPhoto Library Manager will completely rebuild and create a rebuilt library by removing unwanted photos,duplicates etc. Make sure you've enough space on your hard drive before rebuilding. Let me know if that didn't work, so we can continue troubleshooting.

Best Regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't want to buy anymore programs. Is there another way to repair the iPhoto program that I current have. It seems like this other way you suggest will be too complicated for me, and i know that I will have to buy another program.

You don't have to buy that program. You can use the trial version of that program to rebuild your iPhoto Library. Your iPhoto Library is corrupted. Rebuilding with that application is the best option here. It is very easy to rebuild with iPhoto Library Manager. Just download it, open it, click on File menu and select Rebuild. Then let it complete the process.

We've another option. We can extract all the photos from it and import them to new library manually. But that will delete all albums, events etc. Let me know what you think
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I trust that you what you are doing. I will download the trial version. Should I stay in touch with regarding this attempt to rebuild with Library Manager? Because I have never done anything like this am not that good. I would appreciate your help very much.

Don't worry Annette. Yes and I will stay with you until we fix the problem. Annette If possible backup your iPhoto Library to any external hard drive before rebuilding.

Add a bookmark of this page, so we won't lose our connection. If you have any questions while rebuilding, just reply back here and I will walk you through the steps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I downloaded the program and it instantly installed and proceeded to bring my iPhoto Library. I have a back up of my photos in my external hard drive. and I did bookmark this page ( I think I did it correctly- it is on the grey bar at the top of my Safari screen). Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX Now what do you want me to do?

After backing up your iPhoto Library, open iPhoto Library Manager. Click on File menu and select Rebuild Library. Then follow the onscreen instruction. After it is completed, open iPhoto. That should load the rebuilt iPhoto Library
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did as instructed. After viewing the preview I have noticed that there are NO EVENTS in my rebuilt library. Evidently It does not do that. I always use "events" as a way to find photos chronologically. Do you know if this program has "EVENTS"?

This program does support Events. I've been using it for years. When rebuilding, it will extract and recover as much data as possible from the corrupted library and create new Library.

What about albums ? Does your new library have the albums ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, you're right it does have events and albums. Do I want to check for duplicates?

Well, check that and remove the duplicates too.
Hi Annette, Just checking. How is it going ? If the new library is working fine, then you can delete the old one to save space on your HD. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you are satisfied with my service, please rate me Positively. So I will get credit for helping you.

Best Regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

believe it not the new library is still loading. I cannot believe that it is taking so long. I do have may photos though. I will continue to watch it and let you know of my progress (?). thank you for following up. this may take a bit more effort. Sorry Annette

Hi Annette, I understand. Does it shows any progress ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, but I keep getting the same message that iPhoto quit unexpectedly, so I have to re open it. But it is about 4/5 complete at this point

Let it complete. Annette, I've a suggestion. I think it'd be better to split the library into multiple ones. Like based on category, years etc. That'd speed up iPhoto and also improve the performance too. What you think ?
Ashik and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Finally completed rebuilding the library ( took over a day).I then went to find duplicates and put on a few filters, big mistake !. When I had my original library it was full of duplicates (8000) but some of them were wanted. it removed all of them. I think that I didn't understand the filter options well. I really need to get back to my original library and re install it to open in iPhoto. The reason for all the duplicates is a bit complicated but here goes: I had scanned in thousands of old family photos and snapshots from my scanner, but most were scanned in with four images per scan. i then duplicated that image three more times in iphoto and then proceeded to crop each one down to one image. The iPhoto library manager recognized them as being the same image as the first of the four and removed the remaining three. I bit confusing but I didn't know how else to do it. THus it believed that I had thousands of duplicates. So now I need to bring those back into my library. What to do? You are going to be so sorry you ever go involved with my sorry !

Hi Annette, I guess you've already backed up your iPhoto Library. Goto Pictures folder, right click on your OLD iPhoto Library and select "Show Package Contents". Then open Originals folder and you can see your photos there. Select all the photos you want, then click and drag them to your iPhoto icon in the icon.

If you want to switch to the old library, close iPhoto, hold down Option key on your keyboard and open iPhoto. Select Choose Library and then select your old library.

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