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When I import photos into iPhoto from iTunes they end up slihtly

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When I import photos into iPhoto from iTunes they end up slihtly out of order. I cannot detect any pattern. I create the folder in a PC listing the images as photo 1, photo 2, etc..
How did photos get into iTunes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Jpegs assembled in a folder on a PC. Created folder and moved images to it from Photoshop.

From Photoshop? iTunes does not import pictures so I am not sure what you mean can you clarify?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I create a folder in my PC. I then connect my iPad to the PC and through iTunes I click onto iPad, then click onto photos, then search for the folder, identify it and sync it into iTunes then sync it to my iPad.

OK they are not actually imported into iTunes it is just syncing them to Photos on your iPad.

By default, photos sort according to the date modified (in ascending order).

When syncing photos from a Mac or PC, some apps may sort your photos in the order you specify in the app (such as iPhoto or Aperture). If your app does not support this feature, photos will be sorted by the date modified.

In addition to albums and events, synced photos appear in a unified category called Photo Library (on iPad, this is the Photos tab). Photos are not duplicated. This category will also sort photos in ascending order by the date modified.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I follow your reasoning. Question then becomes how do I get them back in order. If I go back to my original folder how do I nullify the "date modified" qualification?

The date modified is set by the computer. I suggest you try a different app for organizing Photos as the default Photos is not very customizable:
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