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Michelle, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Computers and Mobile support with 12 years of exp.
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Hi. I need help. I bought a Mac book pro a few days ago. Worked

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Hi. I need help. I bought a Mac book pro a few days ago. Worked great. I used it on a trip and periodically logged in to view photos I had taken each day. However, I arrived home tonight and wanted to log into it, once again, to view photos. Only this time, it wouldn't accept my password. I did, however, notice that the words SAFE BOOT were up at the top right corner. Please help me figure this out!! I can't log in no matter what:(

Appleologist :

Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.

From what you are describing, it sounds like you have accidentally booted your computer into safe mode. To exit, press and hold the power button which is located in the upper right corner until your machine powers down. Press the power button again to boot the machine back up. Does it still boot into Safe mode?

Customer: Yes, it stays. I tried a few times already.
Appleologist :

Ok, try this instead. Shut down your machine again. This time, when it is booting back up, press and hold down the option key. You should see two pictures of a hard drive. Select macintosh HD

Appleologist :

In addition to booting up, please confirm that both of your shift keys are not being held down

Customer: Verified. I am only using the power button.
Appleologist :

Did you complete my previous instructions? Shut down your machine again. This time, when it is booting back up, press and hold down the option key. You should see two pictures of a hard drive. Select macintosh HD

Appleologist :

The option key is the second key from the space bar button

Customer: Nothing is popping up when I hold in the options key. Am I holding both option keys in?
Appleologist :

no, you just need to hold down one option key. They option key will need to be pressed and held down immediately after pressing the power button. You can release the option key when the apple logo appears

Customer: For how long am I keeping in the power button?
Appleologist :

You need to start holding the option key as soon as you press the power button and release after the apple logo appears. If your computer is currently on, power it off. Then press the power button and immediately press and hold the option key until the apple logo appears

Customer: Okay. So the mackintosh doesn't appear. However, the SAFE BOOT has now disappeared.
Appleologist :

Thats fine if the macintosh HD did not appear. Can you go ahead and type in your password?

Appleologist :

Are you there>

Customer: Hi yes. Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me reply. I
Customer: I tried logging in but it still won't accept the password.
Appleologist :

did you try leaving it blank and hitting enter?

Appleologist :

If not, we can certainly reset your password

Customer: Just did. It just takes me to my password XXXXX
Appleologist :

Is the password XXXXX what you are typing in?

Customer: No. I'm typing in my password.
Appleologist :

Is your caps lock enabled? The caps lock button will be lit and there will be an up arrow listed in the password XXXXX The caps lock key is right above the shift key

Customer: I've done that too. Caps lock is off.
Appleologist :

It sounds like you may need to reset your password. After typing in the wrong password XXXXX times, you will be notified to reset your password XXXXX your apple ID

Full Size Image

Customer: So I tried putting in the wrong password XXXXX 10 times or more. Reset password XXXXX pop up. Password XXXXX is the only thing that pops up. Oh, and "safe boot" is back up at the top, right corner.
Appleologist :

Lets see if you are able to restart in recovery partition. To do this, shut down your computer again.

1. Press the power button
2. Immediately Press and hold down the R key for 40 secs

Appleologist : You can also use the restart feature that is listed
Appleologist :

Every time you restart your computer, does a progress bar appear underneath the apple logo?

Customer: Okay. So I just tried that. It just powers up like it normally does and then, since I'm holding in the R key, it just starts putting it into my password XXXXX "Safe boot" is still on.
Customer: Yes, the progress bar appears ever time.
Appleologist :

Thats what I figured. It sounds like the shift key may be stuck and being held down. This is probably why you are unable to boot into anything els. Can you check both shift keys and see if they are pressed down. If not press each key 10X fast to see if it will loosen up

Customer: Okay. It feels like they're loose to me.
Appleologist :

Ok now try to restart again. You can just hit the restart key

Appleologist :

*choose restart at the login screen*\

Customer: It still won't allow me to log in:(
Appleologist :

Ok, lets reset your PRAM

1.Shut down the computer.

2.Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

3.Turn on the computer.

4.Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears. Let computer chime 4 times

5.Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound four time.s

6.Release the keys.


Customer: So now it's exactly like when I first bought it. Asking for a language selection.
Customer: Now I'm on OS X Utilities.
Appleologist :

Choose disk utilities

Appleologist :

After choosing english

Appleologist :

We are going to repair your computers permissions

Customer: Alright. Now asking to select a disk, volume, or image?
Appleologist :

Do you see macintosh HD in the left column?

Customer: Yes.
Appleologist :

Select Macintosh HD then at the bottom choose verify permissions

Appleologist :

Correction repair permissions

Customer: It only allows me to "verify disk" not "verify disk permissions."
Appleologist :

Verify permissions should be on the opposite side

Customer: I'm unable to click it. It's not in bold.
Appleologist :

Ok, go ahead and just hit verify disk. Make sure macintosh HD is selected and not the drive right above it

Customer: Okay. After that?
Appleologist :

Since verify disk is the only thing that is bold, have you pressed that yet?

Appleologist :

It should return macintosh HD is OK

Customer: It verifies that it's okay but remains on the same page.
Appleologist :

Thats fine. Since you successfully booted into the recovery partition. This means your computer should not continue to boot into safe mode. Click on the apple logo in the upper left corner and choose restart

Appleologist :

Not if you still notice the progress bar

Customer: Restarted it and I got the progress bar again.
Appleologist :

Do you have an external keyboard?

Customer: My brother has one, am I able to use his?
Appleologist :

Yes. Plug it into the USB port. Before you do that, can you examine both keys and see if they are even

Appleologist :

shift keys

Customer: It's a wireless one. Not really working.
Appleologist :

Nope that won't work any ways

Appleologist :

Our last option is to re-install your operating system

Customer: Okay
Appleologist :

This will not delete any data. Before we do that can you just confirm that both shift keys are even

Customer: Alright.
Customer: Yes, they are even.
Appleologist :

Ok good. Now we are going to boot into the recovery partition like we did earlier. Restart your computer while pressing and holding down the Command+ R keys

Customer: Okay.
Appleologist :

Choose english again

Appleologist :

This time you will choose install Mac OS X

Customer: You bet.
Appleologist :

Continue to follow the instructions until the installtion begins

Appleologist :


Appleologist :

It will take about 45 mins

Appleologist :

I know its pretty late over there too. You can leave it over night, just make sure it is connected to power

Appleologist :

Is the installation going?

Customer: Okay. So I needed to be connected to wifi to reinstall. I needed my password XXXXX this and when I went to type it in and enter, it rejected that password XXXXX So I clicked the "show password" option and they were all capitols even though caps lock was not on. My shift keys appear to be fine.
Appleologist :

Thats what I figured. Your issue is certainly with the shift key. Keep the password XXXXX show password. See if you are able to press the shift key repeatedly to see if it will change back to lower case letters

Appleologist :

Press other keys to compare the feel

Customer: Regardless, the keys stay capitals.
Appleologist :

Where did you purchase your computer?

Customer: Future shop, Waterloo.
Appleologist :

You stated in your notes that you purchased it a few days ago. Would you be able to exchange it. It sounds like the issue is with the keyboard and since its only a few days old, it seems more appropriate to exchange it

Customer: Will be heading there bright and early in the following day. Thanks so much for you assistance!
Appleologist :

You are very welcome. Do you have a backup of your pictures?

Customer: Yes, I have them all on an external hard drive.
Appleologist :

Awesome! Enjoy the rest of your evening. Best of luck tomorrow


I hope I’ve provided the resolution you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please feel free to provide a rating to end our chat. Have a fantastic rest of your evening


Customer: Process of elimination was awesome. Thanks again. And same to you.
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