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Daniel Whelan
Daniel Whelan, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 40
Experience:  Apple Certified Support Professional, Full Time Mac Technical Manager for 8+ years, HND Photography
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I just upgraded my mac to ssd and upgraded my ram when I put

Customer Question

I just upgraded my mac to ssd and upgraded my ram when I put in the installation DVD osx 10.6 it gets ejected immediately how can I reinstall osx ??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel Whelan replied 4 years ago.

Daniel Whelan :

Hi, I'll help you with this. If the DVD player reads music cds and film dvd's it is working fine but wont accept the installation DVD. I've seen this happen before. Do you have access to another mac?

JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : Not a mac a normal PC running windows 8 is sitting next to me though
JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : Is there a way I can copie the disk to USB
Daniel Whelan :

When you made the other disk did you do it on the mac or PC?

JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : Pc I only have one mac
Daniel Whelan :

What version of windows are you running?

JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : Windows 8
Daniel Whelan :

The usb stick you have, how big is it and is it free of any other files? (if not could you back them up to use the disk?) What format is it formatted in?

JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : Fat 32 and its 8gb
JACUSTOMER-d3ih9x4g- : And it's free and good to go can i just copie the install disk to the USB
Daniel Whelan :

You need to do a disk copy so that it looks like an install program when it is inserted into the mac, I don't know what software you have on the PC to do that. I'm going out now but will check back with you later.