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ithelper, Mac Enthusiast
Category: Mac
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Experience:  I've been using Macs for close to 20 years and use Mac OS and Linux every day.
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How do you search many different words at once and highlight

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How do you search a list of names at once and highlight the matches in Excel for Mac 2008

Daniel Whelan :

Hi, so you are searching for the same name multiple times in Excel and want to search where they are? If this is the case go to Edit-Find and type in the word you are looking for and excel will display it and click "find next" to take you to the next entry. If by highlight you mean make bold or something like that you will have to do a "find" first and then close find so you can "highlight" it.


Yes the find function lets me search 1 name at a time, I would like to search 2000 names at a time.

DanthemanTech :

OK, I'm going to opt-out to let another expert try and help you with this.

Hi! I'm sorry, but what you are trying to accomplish must be done using a macro built for this purpose. Are you familiar with building macros for Excel? Also, it may be difficult feeding the list of 2000 names into a macro by hand. Here's a reference to get you started: Check out the link, check the second topic - "Create a macro using Microsoft Visual Basic" (yes, this works on Mac, too). You'll want to either use a script to generate your list of names in a format your macro can understand or you can input them in manually. Here's a sample to get you started (untested and no guarantees that it will work for your situation!) This text editor I'm typing in will reformat the code snippet so hopefully you can make sense of it. I hope I have helped you today. Please rate my service appropriately. Good luck!

Sub highlite() Dim SrchRng3 As range Dim c3 As range, f As String Set SrchRng3 = ActiveSheet.range("A1", ActiveSheet.range("A65536").End(xlUp))
Dim NameList(0 to 1999) As String
NameList(0) = "Timothy"
NameList(1) = "Barbara"
NameList(1999) = "Chris"
For ctr = LBound(NameList) to UBound(NameList) Set c3 = SrchRng3.Find(NameList(ctr), LookIn:=xlValues) If Not c3 Is Nothing Then f = c3.Address Do With ActiveSheet.range("B" & c3.Row & ":N" & c3.Row)
.Font.ColorIndex = 1 .Interior.ColorIndex = 4 End With Set c3 = SrchRng3.FindNext(c3) Loop While c3.Address <> f End If
Next End Sub
ithelper, Mac Enthusiast
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 2
Experience: I've been using Macs for close to 20 years and use Mac OS and Linux every day.
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