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I have Mac book,iPad 64 GB and Iphone 5 dont know how to use them is their any way t

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I have Mac book,iPad 64 GB and Iphone 5 don't know how to use them is their any way to lean?


Thanks for asking your question, my name is XXXXX XXXXX will be glad to assist you.

What exactly do you want accomplish using these devices?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have Mac book Pro laptop,iPad and iPhone 5,i want to know how to use the items,i.e. like moving files,music,movies and down loading some of the software.if possible to have your mobile phone number will be very good,i can call and explain more.

Cheers Augustino

Hi Augustino,

Unfortunately experts are not allowed to communicate with customers over the phone, it is against policies.

I will do my best to help you with your question. First do you download music movies from iTunes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I do but with no success

When you download from iTunes you can sync your devices to your such as your iPad and iPhone.

Connect the device to the computer with iTunes and the media installed with the USB cable. Open iTunes and on the left pane under devices you will see the iPhone or iPad listed.

Click on it and then on the right side you will tabs for syncing options. Click on the tabs to setup sync options. For instance click on the Music tap then check the box "sync music". You can select to sync all music or you can sync certain albums, artist, playlist or genres. It's all up to you.

Same for the movies click the tab, click sync movies. Then you can choose which movies to sync onto the device. Do this for both devices, once you have the sync options set you won't have to do it again unless you can to change something just as adding or removing.

Going forward you just connect your devices to the PC and open iTunes your devices then sync any new media within the sync options you have chosen.

I hope this help/answers your question if you have any follow ups at all. Please click reply to expert and I will be glad to answer them!
Cris and 3 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Augustino,

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

If in the future you have any further questions please save my site profile. So you can reach me directly.

Let me know,

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