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I do not appear to have a full version of iBooks on my iPad

Customer Question

I do not appear to have a full version of iBooks on my iPad - I don't understand
A friend has the same version as me 3.1(1523) and her selection of books far exceeds mine.
Almost everything is older.
Please help I am getting frustrated and would like to buy some recent books such as one from Harlan Coben who doesn't even feature in my list of authors.
Thank you in advance
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Michelle replied 4 years ago.

Appleologist :

Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am excited to get started with you.

There is only one version of iBooks available on the iPad. Your issue may be related to the way you are searching. Can I have the full title of the book you are trying to download?

Appleologist :

I did a search for Harlan Coben and came across many of his books

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : It did a search for harlen coben and the answer was no results
Appleologist :

Ok, lets force quit ibooks first. Exit out of iBooks, Then double press the home button. You will now see a series of applications.

Appleologist :

Find ibook and Press and hold it until you see a prohibitory sign

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : I have completed that
Appleologist :

Now open ibooks again. Click on Store in the upper left corner

Appleologist :

Now in the search box in the upper right corner, type in harlan

Appleologist :

The search box should auto populate coben.

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Same result as before
Appleologist :

Click on featured at the bottom menu bar

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : No it just replies no results for Etc...
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok
Appleologist :

Now type in another author

Appleologist :

in the search box

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Same results, etc .....
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : I have just done that
Appleologist :

Lets restart your device then

Appleologist :

press and hold both the sleep and home button at the same time for 30 sec or until the apple logo appears. The sleep button is located at the upper right corner and the home button is the round button on the bottom front bezel of your iPad

Appleologist :

Were you able to reset your ipad? Did you get the apple logo?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : prone. What nexr
Appleologist :

Try to search now. If ibooks is still not functioning, next we will need to restore your ipad back to factory settings

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok let me try
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok still no results
Appleologist :


Appleologist :

Lets restore your ipad then. Do you have a backup?

Appleologist :

Are you backing up to iCloud?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : this is my friends iPad and she ran to the store can you get back in about 15 minutes, if we need her apple I'd etc I do not know it
Appleologist :

Yes we will need that. Btw, did you actually reset the ipad and get the apple logo?

Appleologist :

We can try to do without that

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : I am backing up to the iCloud right now...
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : yes I did do the reset and got the apple logo
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : itlogout looks like she has never done a back up
Appleologist :

Instead, reset all of her settings. It will not erase her data. To do this, go to settings<General and choose Reset. Select Reset all settings

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok there is a list
Appleologist :

A list where?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Reset all settings. Etc
Appleologist :

Select Reset all settings

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : soEt so do I just press reset all settings?
Appleologist :

Yes and then press reset when you get a pop up

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok that is what I meant a pop up not a list.
Appleologist :

Oh ok. When it boots back up again, open ibooks and then try to do a search

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Ok now I will try Internet dropped also whilst doing that!,,,,
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Same answer no results found
Appleologist :

No problem. While you are searching in ibooks, just make sure you see the wifi signal in the upper left corner

Appleologist :

Open safari on the ipad and try to search the web

Appleologist :

Does it visit webpages?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Yes no problem getting on the web
Appleologist :

In the search box when you type in just the letter "H", do you get a list of suggestions?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Sorry but my server went off ,si I am back to square one what should I do
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Can you get back to me
Appleologist :

I am just getting your message. Sorry for the delay

Appleologist :

Is your friend back? Are you able to restore your iPaf

Appleologist :


Appleologist :

The iPad needs to be restored. If there is information on it that needs to be saved, you can either back it up to itunes or iCloud. When it is done backing up, you will need to restore your iPad

Appleologist :

Whenever you get back online, respond to this chat and I will be notified

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : How do you restore, do I loose the photos and the emails and Skype and other apps In that case I do not know what to do
Appleologist : When you restore your iPad, it sets it back to manufacture settings so yes everything will be erased. Whould you like to backup using iTunes or iCloud
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

how do I go doing this?

Appleologist : Lets back up with iCloud first. On your iPad go to settings and click on iCloud. Enter your apple id
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

it does not say where to enter my apple id, what i have is icloud

Appleologist : If you scroll down to strage and backup within iCloud on your ipad, you will then see a backup now button
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

then at the bottom payment information????

Appleologist : Are you sure you are in icloud on your ipad and not viewing your itunes account?
Appleologist : Settings<icloud?
Appleologist : Do you see Storage and backup?
Appleologist : Its the last option
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

yest I just typed on it it says total storage 5.0gb available 4.6 gb then ,amage storage then below change storage plan then below backup then icloud backup it's turned off should i turn it on

Appleologist : Yup. Turn it on and then choose backup Now
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

it also says automatically back up your camera roll , accounts, documents,and settings when this ipad is plugged in, locked and connected to Wi Fi

Appleologist : Yes it backups everything. Make sure everything is selected to backup
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

sorry to be so stupid but where to i select

Appleologist : They all should be selected by default. You can go ahead and just hit backup now
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I turned on the on/off button it says start icloud back up uour ipad will no longer back up to your computer automatically when you sync with itunes, I am totally lost

Appleologist : No your doing fine. Go ahead and click ok
Appleologist : Your backup should then begin
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

you are sure i cannot loose the picture nor documents nor programs

Appleologist : Yup I am sure. iCloud backs everything except music and pictures that are not in the camera roll because it was synced from your computer.
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

the ipad is not plugged in to anything, I am using my laptop for this messages

Appleologist : iCloud backs up wirelessly so you will not need to plug it in
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I have music in the itunes, and the photos re all the ones from the ipaad, none came from the computer

Appleologist : Then all that will backed up to icloud. Has iCloud finished backup up. Under the backup now button, you will get a backup time
Appleologist : and date
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

so I should go on

Appleologist : Yes, go on and backup to icloud
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

ok I clicked and it says backing up , very slow , how long should it take???

Appleologist : It all depends on your internet connection and how much stuff it needs to back up
Appleologist : It normally take 5-10 mins
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

after to I have to re install everything??

Appleologist : It will actually do it for you, when you sign in using icloud. I will walk you through that too
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

another problem is that the password XXXXX automatically, but it cannot be the same password XXXXX use as it is short of dots ( letters I cannot see) and I am not the one who set up Icloud!!! The internet is very slow seems that the server has some problems I am in Antigua, small island in the west indies below Puerto rico near to Guadeloupe the french island

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

It says 3hours remaining!!!!!!!!!!

Appleologist : Thats too long. Lets do this instead,
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

should I get back to you in 3 hours??? and how, will you still be on duty???

Appleologist : Before you do that, we can reset the networks settings on your ipad first. I did not realize how slow your connection was. It also will take time putting your data back on. Lets try a few more fixes and then result to that as a last option. When we reset the network settings, your will need to log back into your wireless router. Do you know the password
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

should I cancel the back up

Appleologist : No it will run in the background
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

so what do I do

Appleologist : To rest your network settings, click on general<reset and choose reset network settings. When the ipad boots back up, Go to settings<wifi Connect to your wireless network
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

ok so now I go back to setting wi fi reconnected- done

Appleologist : Go to safari and google anything just to confirm it is connected. Once you have done that, go ahead and open the ibooks store
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

thw wi fi is not gettin reconnected

Appleologist : Does it require a password?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

itmeans I have to go back entering the IP address etc... tis I do not know where to find it again

Appleologist : No not the IP address. Go back to settings and choos wifi. You will see a list of wireless networks. Is yours listed?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

yes but now it is asking my password XXXXX the serverwould it be my email address

Appleologist : No, earlier before we reset your network settings, I asked If you know the password. Its the password XXXXX type in the join your wireless network on your computer. If you have not changed the password, The password XXXXX XXXXX on your router
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I think I got it then what

Appleologist : Open safari and google anything to confirm it is connected
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

yes I am connected, meanwhile I do not want to loose my data in the back up

Appleologist : You can go back to settings<icloud<storage and backup and choose backup now again. it will start backing up again
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

ok back on the window icloud back up then back up now says -the last back up could not be completed last back up never

Appleologist : Click on Backup Now
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

done no estimated time yet

Appleologist : While that is going, open the ibooks store
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

it is still slow, barely moving

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

still not moving, again 3 hours remining. so forget it, I will call the server tomorrow although it is saturday, if not got someone better than me to get back to you

Appleologist : Before you do that, open the ibooks store
Appleologist : Can you confirm if you are able to type in any author
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I did, it still give me the option of 3 free books the divine comedy Vol 1 Inferno. no other books

Appleologist : In the search engine, can you type in "jackie" and tell me if you get a return
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I typed jackie in the search nothing comes in the box results

Appleologist : When you click on featured at the bottom, do books display?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

yes but only a listing of free books

Appleologist : Is there a feature arrow in the upper left corner?
Appleologist : You should not be in the free book section
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

no only featured bottom left, now it went on books made into films , i got back on featured top left it gives me library top left then I get now a window with ibooks apple no ratings then OPEN then the book case arrow on Details, then below the book case Description : ibooks is an amazing.....

Appleologist : What itunes store are you signed into
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

then What's new : the ibookstore in japan now has undreds of thousands of books available for purchase......

Appleologist : Are you signed into a US itunes store?
Appleologist : Or the Antigua and Barbua store?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

the book shelves gives me a choice of Physics, chemistry no novels etc....I would think I am on Itunes US there is no antigua barbuda store

Appleologist : There actually is. Lets double check. Click on settings and choose itunes and App store. Click on your apple id and choose "View Apple ID"
Appleologist : Is your friend also logged into the antigua barbuda store?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

the payment info has my perso info

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

No idea, I do not think as she is from the states

Appleologist : Well every ibook and itune store is different depending on the country. Do you have USA billing?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

NO it's my visa from my bank here, but I downloaded some music that I paid for with the same c. card

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

also you accepted my deposit

Appleologist : Lets see if you can at least change the ibooks store temporarily, just to confirm if you are able to search for your author in that store.
Appleologist : Click on country Code
Appleologist : County/Region *
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

i did that I have now to choose a country or refion for the store which will match the billing address, therefore it is not possible

Appleologist : Go a head and choose change country or region then select United states. We will change it back
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

yes but after it come back to my billing info

Appleologist : The first page or is it showing an account page?
Appleologist : Click on cancel
Appleologist : I see, it will not allow you to change because your billing is elsewhere
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I did

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

so the answer is to get a us billing

Appleologist : From what I am gathering, it appears that your friend is running and itunes account from US making her selection larger
Appleologist : Yes however, it may be available in the kindle app store
Appleologist : Do you have an amazon account?
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I will call her later and will get back

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :


Appleologist : What is the name of the book you are trying to download. I can check if it is available in the amazon bookstore
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

Harlan Coben six years

Appleologist : It is available in the amazon store
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

it is on amazon at $ 16.98 but I guess this is the book no ebook

Appleologist : there is an ebook. Its 14.99 in the left column, click on Kindle store
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

but opening an account with amazon will be the same billing problem

Appleologist : Well I am actually not sure. You can certainly try
Appleologist : At the very bottom of the amazon pages, there are different stores
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- :

I will get back to you, how should I do that as you have spent some time with me and I do not want you to loose your credit. Do you know how much I owe, my deposit was us 68. which is not what I would be billed

Appleologist : Get back to me tomorrow to see if the issue was that your friend is running a US itunes store (or another itunes store) . I will forward this inquiry to customer service for billing adjustment
Appleologist : You are very welcome. I will follow up with you tomorrow so you will get an email
Appleologist :

Hello, were you able to confirm if your friend is using a US itunes store?

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Yes she has . I will go to my bank Monday and see if I can change my billing address and my friend will let me use hers in the us. I will then contact you back Monday afternoon.
JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : thank yiu
Appleologist :

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the follow up

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Yes she has, I will go to my bank Monday and see if I can use a second address which will be in the us. I will then contact you back Monday afternoon.
Appleologist :

Ok. Talk I will talk to you Monday

JACUSTOMER-6eyv3g9w- : Yes, I will go to my bank on Monday and see if I can use her address in the US . I will contact you on Monday.
Appleologist :


Appleologist :

Good evening. I wanted to check with you again to see if you were able to use your friends address to gain access to the US Book store?