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How do I erase txt on a pdf doccument using pdf expert on my

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How do I erase txt on a pdf doccument using pdf expert on my iPad 2?

Brian :

Hello. PDF Expert is a good app, but nothing I've read about it indicates deleting text is a feature. You can delete a page, but not text on the page.

PDF Pen is a competing iPad product that allows deleting or editing text. As far as I know, PDF Expert doesn't allow this yet, although I would imagine that feature is heavily requested and may appear in a future version. Here's the link for PDF Pen

Brian :

If you were to contact the PDF Pen developers via their website (not through the App store), they might consider offering you a cross-grade. Some developers will do this to make their software a little cheaper and to woo users away from competing products. I think it would be worth emailing them and asking, though.

Here is their contact page:


ok, I'll give them a try - Thanks

Brian :

You're welcome. Have a good night.

Brian :

Just wanted to check in and see how everything went. Please click accept, or let me know if you're still having trouble. Thank you!

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