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For some reason I cannot print to our printer (which I have

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For some reason I cannot print to our printer (which I have always been able to print to ...) from my MacBook Air ...

The printer is connected to the mac mini, which I can connect to via finder (I can access all of the shared files, etc.) ...

I tried deleting the printer and re-adding it (it always finds the printer as "nearby"), I have printed from the mac mini so I know the printer is connected and working ...

When I print from my macbook air, it says "printing to server", then the job disappears from the print que - but nothing prints

Network diagnostics has all green lights *except* server
Hello, is the printer your printing to a wireless printer, or is it connected to the mac mini and then shared from the mac mini?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it is connected to the mac mini and shared from there



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there a way to delete my question? I got impatient and just unplugged/unhooked the printer and brought it in here and plugged it directly into my laptop so I can get this stuff printed and be done ...

sorry to have wasted anyone's time who tried to figure this out ...

Ok, Uninstall the printer form both the mac mini, and airbook. Then please turn off all 3, your airbook, mac mini and the printer. Then turn on the printer, wait about 10 minutes, then turn on the mac mini, install the printer then do a couple test prints, then turn on the airbook, wait about 5 minutes, install the printer and test print again and let me know if any errors come up or it it prints ok.
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It was my greatest pleasure to assist you with your question today. If you ever need more help feel free to come back and ask for me, "pctech". Thank you again.
Matt B.