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Downloaded Find My iPhone app on a Mac

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i downloaded the find my iphone app on this mac, but I don't have the app icon on my desktop like on my ipad. My phone is lost. How do I open or whatever this app to find my phone. I don't know much about operating a Mac. This is my 1st one. I can use the iphone,(when i find it hopefully.} and i can use ipad. help

I'm sorry that you have lost your iPhone. Actually, on your Mac, please log in your Apple ID account at the website, then you can locate your iPhone (if it's currently online).

Full details:

Note: the Find my iPhone feature must be enabled/set up your iPhone previously.

If you have any further question, please reply. Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i already did this on my ipad, but it does not show my phone In the devices, only the ipad.

Did you actually turn on Find my iPhone in the iPhone previously? You can see more details at

Also, do you know if the iPhone is currently online (connected to the Internet) in order to track it?

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm sure I did. Well Thank you very much. At least I know I'm doing it right

You're welcome. I don't think Find My iPhone was turned on previously on the iPhone; if it is turned on, then the iPhone would show on iCloud whether it is online or offline:

Image of Find My iPhone Devices list

In the My Devices list at the website, the dot to the left of the device’s name indicates its status:

  • A green dot Image of green dot next to device name meaning the device is online means it’s online.

  • A gray dot Image of grey dot next to device name meaning Find My iPhone is trying to connect to the device. means it’s offline.

Thank you
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