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All my notes on my iPad notes app vanished. I didnt do anything

Customer Question

All my notes on my iPad notes app vanished. I didn't do anything for it to happen. I had about 12 different notes. I went to my iPhone, as iCloud sends them there. There they were for a few seconds. Then they vanished. I need them back badly.
What can I do?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Michelle replied 4 years ago.

Appleologist :

Hi, and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is Michelle and I am excited to get started with you.

Appleologist :

So I can better assist you with your issue, I will need additional information. Were your notes accidentally deleted? Do you have a backup?

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : No back up. I thought having them on iPad and iPhone would be enough. M
JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : No back up. I thought it was enough they were synced to iPhone.
Appleologist :

Well you mentioned you are using icloud. Go to settings<iCloud and choose storage and backup at the bottom

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : No back up. I thought it was enough they were synced to iPhone. I did not delete them in any way
Appleologist :

Let's double check if icloud also backed up wirelessly. Go to settings<iCloud and click on storage and backup all the way at the bottom

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Ok
Appleologist :

Under "Backup Now" Does it say Never backed up or does it give you a date and time?

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Last backup 5:59am
Appleologist :

Ok thats good news. When did your notes disappear?

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : I noticed them gone about 4 hours ago.
Appleologist :

Are you checking on your ipad or iphone/

Appleologist :


JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : No notes on iphone
Appleologist :

I meant which device did you just check your icloud backup on?

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Ipad
Appleologist :

Ok are you chatting from your ipad or computer?

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : iPad, but now this is embarrassing because I have to go out to my work and meet with a patient. Anyway to continue this later?
Appleologist :

Yes, you can bookmark this chat to get back to it. You can also click on the "View Answer" link within your email

Appleologist :

When you return, You need to chat from the computer since we will need to restore your ipad from backup

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Ok thanks. I'm sorry.
Appleologist :

No worries. Talk to you soon

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Can we continue now?
Appleologist :

Yes we can

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Ok. Looks we we have some kind of backup.
Appleologist :

Ok great. So you will need to erase everything and replace it with your backup. To do this, go to settings<general<erase all content and settings

JACUSTOMER-d82vhgb4- : Sorry but I don't see erase all settings. General is highlighted.
Appleologist :

Im sorry, choose reset within general and then choose erase all content and settings

Appleologist :

It looks like you were chatting on your ipad. Earlier I advise you to continue to chat from a computer

Appleologist :

Please make sure you choose to restore from icloud backup

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