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Daniel, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple certified on desktop and portable, help desk qualified. Have owned and used Macs since 1989.
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I use an iMac I got in 2008 with OS X 10.5, which I updated

Customer Question

I use an iMac I got in 2008 with OS X 10.5, which I updated to OS X 10.6 (Snow Lepard) in 2011. Three days ago, when I rebooted, the computer crashed reverting to the condition in 2011 and I lost all files and documents, and mailboxes, pictures, and bookmarks as well, created after that.

Question 1. Can the lost data be restored, and will the Apple Store do it? Do I have to bring in the computer? How much does it cost?

Question 2. Can the computer be serviced for data retrieval at home?

Question 3. Will the retrieve data come up all jumbled up, in disarray?

Question 4. I have a G-Drive; but after the crash it could not be found and therefore unopenable. How can I check if the lost files and documents have been saved there?

Thank you

Kaori Kitao
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel replied 4 years ago.
Hello Kaori, my name is Dan.
I will do my best to help you, the only stupid question is the unasked one.

There has to be more to the story.
First, the crash you describe is something I have never heard of on a Mac.
Either the hard drive works or it doesn't, it does not revert.

What G drive? Macs do not use that system unless you named it G when placed in service.

Please describe what you mean by 'Crashed"?
Do you have a backup? Like Time Machine or any type?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, Daniel,


Thank you. Crash is perhaps the wrong word. The computer was working; the hard drive is OK. After rebooting (to deal with the computer going sluggish), I found that all the data entered after 2011 (July or so) were lost; that was the time when I updated the OS X to 10.6.3, and subsequently to 10.6.6. Rebooting always worked fine (shutting the power down, and then on). This time, after rebooting, I got a message from Google that "some plug-ins are out of date." I was alerted that the update requires OS X 10.6; but I didn't have it any more. By the way my browser is FireFox. Google advised me to update it and use Chrome; I kept FireFox; I just updated it to 16.0.2, following the instruction that this is how to continue with X 10.5, which I also learned that Apple is stopping to support. [I wish I had known this sooner}. It is not a crash, indeed, the loss of a massive amount of data (hidden somewhere, no doubt).


I think it was shortly after summer 2011 that I found the Time Machine was full, and I was advised to get an external drive by the Apple Store and got the G-Technology's G-drive for further backup, 2 Terabytes. Now, trying to open it, I got the message "The Alias G-drive could ot be opened because the original item cannot be found." This was followed by another "Insert the disk or connec to the server volume and wait for it to appear on the desktop then try again." Nothing happened when the disk appeared on the desktop. I'm afraid re-installing this external drive may erase what is supposed to have been backed up. What is saved on the Time Machine is only the very old stuff.


Since the computer is now 5 years old, I am considering getting a new iMac; but I have to find a way to save the files and documents intact so that they can be transferred on to the new computer.


Best, Kaori





Expert:  Daniel replied 4 years ago.
Since you have been using Time Machine all along nothing is lost.
Lets start with getting the Mac squared away and go from there.
First, repair the permissions. This is important and is something Apple does nt tell you about.

Repairing Permissions That PDF will explain why and how.

After that is done run Software update in the Apple menu, it may or may not have anything, if it does do them.

It will probably require restarting so please bookmark this so you can get back to me easily.

Most often when a Time Machine drive gets full it will over write old data and replace it with new.

Your Mac is 5 years old but with some TLC and maybe more RAM you will get a few more years.

Look in the Apple menu in 'About this Mac' and tell me the processor, version of OS X and how much RAM is onboard.

This is not the final answer but decease it does adds the issue I have to post it as such.

Do the above please and get back to me.

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