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AOL mail not receiving emails on MAC laptop (Safari)

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hi. My AOL mail is not receiving emails on my MAC laptop (Safari). This has been so for 3 weeks, since a scam outfit in India pretending to be AOL got access into my computer. I have tried to reconfigure settings but nothing helps. Any suggestions?

Which version of OS X is on the laptop?

Look in the Apple menu in 'About this Mac'.
Can you explain more about this 'hack'?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I sent it already, along with explanation of 'hacking' by group from India pretending to be AOL experts. My op system on laptop is 10.8.2
Please place it in this text box or I will not get it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
10.8.2. Did you get this one?
I got that part but nothing about the hack.
More info is much better than less.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
a few weeks back my laptop acted up insanely, then I got an email from "aol tech support" offering to fix problem. they asked for remote control of laptop, i agreed. He "found" that I had experienced identity theft, etc., etc., and had virus (on a mac!) and other problems... and aggressively pushed his product of 1 year tech support. I realized he was with scam agency out of India as we talked, but by then I had bought his program through my bank card. I called bank and stopped transaction. The man called back and demanded to know my problem. I told him I would ask the bank to trace the transaction so that I could press charges, at which point he became very nice, apologetic, etc. Within minutes my laptop had real problems, and my AOL mail stopped receiving.
This will take a reinstall of OS X to fix and maybe more.
DO you have a backup of before this took place?
It may be that a wipe and install restoring from backup.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Don't know answer to your question about reinstall. I purchased my MAC about a year ago, I think, and had everything built into it on purchase. I don't recall any CD's of aol, etc. coming with it. Does this make sense?
None did. It is on your Mac, just not showing.
A simple reinstall should fix it and that is where we will start.
The way Mountain Lion 10.8.2 does this is data safe.
That means that if you do not have backup 99% of the time your data remains intact.
1% doesn't, backups are good.
I recommend Time Machine, it comes as a standard part of OS X, all you add is an external hard drive.

Before we start can you tell me what other things have been going crazy?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Everything else now seems ok, but I stopped using my laptop in early January when this happened, and switched to my iPad for most things. But I do know that my other programs that I normally use, such as Office Word, are ok. I have only 35 or so documents on the machine, and they are saved in tact. I think the only problem is AOL mail, but am not sure. If it's only AOL mail, does this make it easier to start again? I am NOT trying to recover back emails, etc. I would be happy to just get AOL working on my laptop so I can receive emails and hence start using the machine more as I work.
That makes it much, much easier.
You said that you went online for AOL mail, correct?

If that is the case I suggest using Mail in the dock.
I use it myself and have AOL email, works quite well.
All of my contacts are in AddressBook, works hand in hand with Mail.
Keeps contacts safe from hacks.
This is how to get Mail up and running, just follow the steps on your Mac as outlined on the web page.

For your contacts, if they are on AOL, export them as CSV (comma separated values) and import then into AddressBook.

Then you need never use AOL Mail through Safari or any other browser.
It will work just like it does on the iPad and iPhone.
I do.
Let me know if you run into problems.
Daniel and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been using mail in the dock as you suggested, for several years, going back to previous MACs. So I agree with you. My contacts are fortunately safe, as you say. But the problem is that I can't receive current mail on this program. That is, I get mail on iPad and iPhone, but not on my MAC system. It stopped working. I will try to follow your advice later this evening and see if I can reload the "stamp" icon and program. That may be the solution, but not sure how to do it. I will follow your links, and thanks very much. I will give you high ratings if this works.

Thanks again

Then I misunderstood.
This will help repair Mail so that it works again.

Mail repair

The account can be deleted also and then recreated, this erases the plist that was corrupted.

That more helpful?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am now receiving old emails sent in the last 6 weeks. This is terrific, assuming it means the system is working again. Thanks again.

Happy to have been of service. You are quite welcome.

One more thing I suggest, stay away from anti software, it will not help your Mac at all, it will slow it down.
Thank you