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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 3326
Experience:  OSX certified, many years experience supporting Apple Hardware & Software
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Thanks!! BTW-- this crazy site didnt even tell me you had

This answer was rated:

Thanks!! BTW-- this crazy site didn't even tell me you had written back to me. I had to croll thru several pages of old questions of mine to find you and the green box we get that says "You have an answer. Sooo, let me get this straight, iPad has to be connected to MacBook in order to delete anything in iPad's music library??? And we're supposed to think iPads are such a great improvement because....??

Steve Herrod : Well, there are a few site quirks from time to time...
Steve Herrod : double checking on my ipad and should be in front of laptop in next 60 mins...

take your time. No hurry

Steve Herrod :

merci :)

Steve Herrod :

I guess the best way to look at it is that the iPad is essentially a dumb client in this respect

Steve Herrod :

and just syncs off the contents of the MacBook library

Steve Herrod :

have double checked with my iPad 1st generation and yes, it's pretty dumb

Steve Herrod :

Depending on the version of iOS

Steve Herrod :

there is also the option to delete if you swipe items

Steve Herrod :

but this isn't universal

Steve Herrod :

Let me know :)


Hi Steve, Swiping didn't work. yes, dumb client pretty well describes it :)


OK, I'll sync w computer and do it that way. So,if I would delete DaVinci Code fm computer, then sync iPad to computer, computer will delete book from iPad?

Steve Herrod and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Yes - syncing with computer should end up with it being removed from the iPad :)

Then you can replace it with something more suitable....


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear So Glad You're Found Steve,


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX it a try. So, do you still looove your iPad? Gonna move up to newer version?


I'll Keep My Compass Handy Holly

Dear Good Huntin' Holly,

I do still love the iPad, probably not going to upgrade for a while but may well move to Android when the time comes.

Hopefully still AAA Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Always AAA Steve,


I was away visiting my son and when I came back, I wanted to open my email in Thunderbird.

However, a web based screen came up, talking about downloading it. Even tho it is already in my computer, I went thru the steps anyway. When it came time to drag the icon into my apps folder, a box came up asking if I wanted to replace my newer version of Thunderbird with this older version. Of course, I said no. It seems the format has changed.

Do you use that one at all?

And ... when I choose a different color and size font to write in, as I type along, it reverts back to black and a tiny size. I have to stop and re-select my color and size choices. Do you know why that happens and how I can prevent it?


Crummy airline, crummy email client Holly

Dear XXXXXtish Airways Holly,

I do use Thunderbird and the automatic updates aren't normally that intrusive - does it work still even without having accepted the update? They seem to have changed the interface and gone for a minimalist approach....

The color/font size should be solvable under Edit-->Preferences-->Display-->Formatting

You can set the default font/colour there as I'm guessing Thunderbird is reverting back to whatever this is set to at some point.

Let me know!

Spring has Sprung Steve!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Nothing Better Than English Perennial Gardens Steve,


Yes, it does appear to be more minimalist. However, opened emails now seem to look like open internet tabs- complete with little x's. But, using the x's is not a good way to close them I noticed.

Do your open emails appear on top with little tabs?

You're right, I should just change under formatting, I guess. I do like to change it up, tho-- bigger font for my grandmother, things like that.

Thunderbird is definitely more powerful and offers lots more options than AppleMail. When is AppleMail going to become more user friendly? Don't they care about us???

Send me smiley faces. You deserve to be paid - this is legit question!

Spring? Snow Tonight Predicted Holly

Dear 16 degrees Holly,

Yes, they do open like internet tabs - I find it very annoying as was much happier with the way it used to behave! Closing them with the X shouldn't cause an issue but I've found this version less stable than before.

You should also be able to change the formatting as required but I've found that it does have a tendency also to revert towards default settings at times - can be frustrating.

Apple seem to be neglecting Apple Mail right now, this usually means some kind of major update is on the way as it's been a while since much was changed. If you are a Gmail user at all then Sparrow is worth a look.


Time for a dram Steve
Steve Herrod and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear "O to Be in England Now That Springtime's Here," Steve,


Hope you're doing well- and warmer than we are here. Will prob go right into zillion degree summer!


I'm writing this time w a couple questions about Thunderbird.

1. Many things come w graphics, etc, but Thunderbird always says it didn't download the remote content. I have to click someplace else to get that content. Can I change the settings on T'bird so the graphics come right up, as they do in AppleMail? Is there some reason I would not want that to happen?

2. When I reply to a friend's note, I notice the reply always comes at the bottom of their note, not above it. Isn't it more customary for our replies to come above what someone wrote to us? That's what I always see when others answer me. Can I change where the reply is placed in the settings also? Right now, I do it manually- scroll above the note, then start my reply.


BTW- no point in my using sparrow b/c I don't use gmail. I found it annoying and problematic, unfortunately. Went thru a zillion cryptic steps to delete my account. Will prob regret it later as they certainly won't let me use my old address again. They'll say that one is already taken.


Time to Go Sweat at the Gym Holly



Dear you are putting me to shame Holly,

All good here - our 'big freeze' is over and Spring may just about be arriving....

Lovely Thunderbird has it's quirks :) These should be the magic answers!

1. To show images/remote content do this: Go to Preferences-->Advanced-->General-->Config Editor

Once there, you should have a preference called


Set that to False and that should resolve the issue.

2. Reply placement: If you go to Tools-->Account Settings in Thunderbird and then select Composition & Addressing under the account you can choose this option

reply below

You should be able to amend that to Start my reply above the quote

Job done (hopefully).

Yes, G-mail is another issue when it comes to recreating accounts - seems arbitratry sometimes whether this is possible or not.

Lazing on a (almost) sunny afternoon Steve
Steve Herrod and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Rabbit in the Hat Steve,


This has nothing to do with JA. hopefully, they won't catch me.


I just got this email from a friend and I'm going to try to include a link for you to open-- thought of you because it's a bloke! And it's really amazing.


Hope you can get it to open. Grab a pint and prepare to be amazed.


Penn & Teller Holly



Dear Holly McGee,

That'll be one for Google...

That is amazing and awesome - has brightened up my morning no end!

Steve Houdini
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear XXXXX Copperfield,


I'm so glad it opened and that you enjoyed it. Magicians just amaze me. I fall for it every time.


Holly Houdini (now there's a catchy name!!)

Dear Holly Siegfried,

Me too! Was great.

Steve Roy
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear No Tigers, Please Steve,


OK- new JA subject-- once again, I'm thinking of upgrading to Mountain Lion OS just b/c my laptop is about 4 years old now, I think.

1) Would I get it in App Store icon in my dock?

2) My Microsoft Office Programs are veeery old-- 2004, tho updated.

Is it true they won't work on ML?

3) If I end up not liking ML, can I go back to the OS I'm currently using?


Step Out of the Cage and No One Gets Hurt Holly

Dear Holly Weiss,

Yes, App Store will give you the option to upgrade to Mountain Lion but unfortunately the 2004 version of Office won't work with this version of OSX due to changes in the code functionality.

If you have the installation disks for the current OS you can always revert back to that should ML be a problematic beast - it would need data backing up etc beforehand. There isn't an automatic reversion process unfortunately :(

Steve the Snowman (again!)
Steve Herrod and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi From a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Not Too Far Away,
Hope you're well and that the tech world is keeping you in the style to which you're accustomed.
You'll freak out-- I still hv iBook G4 laptop. Finally want to sell it. Hard drive has been emptied. It's now scrubbed off of my data
I'm going to try to attach a pic of how it now looks. Can I sell it this way-- w/o loading in operating discs? An earlier screen said OS.
Hmmm- don't see a way to add photo
Once Was Lost Holly
Hi Now You're Found Holly,

Not enough style I'm afraid ;) Hope all good with you?

Yes, you can sell it that way - I forget but are you supplying the discs with it as well? If so you can just add in the description 'OS discs supplied'.

To add the photo do you have a paperclip icon in the text window when replying?

Steve of Steel
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi long lost expert,
No, no paper clip any more. Is JA getting cheap?
Yes, I'm fine. On way to Colo. come visit the west!
Yes, I hv all the discs
Maybe ask $100 or is that insane?
Westward Migration Holly
Don't go west Holly, it's too hot!

The paperclip function can be dependent on the browser but no major issue. $100 sounds good to me especially as you have all the discs.

Would love to visit the Wild West one day!

Strawberries and Cream Steve
Steve Herrod and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Love, Love to the New Wimbledon Champ, A Native Son Finally,

Have something stronger than strawberries and cream to celebrate!


On to my question ... I have MacBookPro laptop. It will play DVD's, correct?


I have a disc of photos fm my son. I can hear it spinning when I load it in, but after a few minutes, the computer ejects it. I think it's a DVD, not a CD b/c it would hold more pictures. It doesn't open iTunes and doesn't play :(


Still in the Wild West Holly

Dear Wyatt Holly,

I enjoyed the game with a BBQ and some beer so all good! With the Lions winning on Saturday, Murray on Sunday and the Ashes starting this week it's a great time of year!

Yes, the Macbook Pro should play DVD's - does it play a normal film DVD ok? If it doesn't like the disc of photos only it might be due to the type of disk (there is DVD+R, DVD-R for example).

If you look at the back of the disc, is it a purpleish colour?

Opening the batting Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Wearin' All White Steve,


Congratulations on all your fun sports news. A BBQ-- how Wild West of you!


Why, yes, in fact, the DVD is purpleish on the back. It's a Memorex



My ex rec'd the same one and also has a MacBookPro and he says his works fine (natch!)


Call Me Putin Cuz My New Fave Is Vodka Holly

Dear Kremlin Holly,

Yes, BBQ in this country is living on the edge!

Intriguing on the DVD+R - guessing that other DVDs play fine on yours as well?

It could be a compatibility issue depending on the model of the DVD drive installed in the Macbook Pro but we could arrange a remote session at a convenient time to look at it?

LBW Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear TV Replay Steve,


Sooo-- the purpleish DVD+R should, in fact, play on a MacBookPro?


Before we get all remote on ourselves, I'll make sure the DVD is OK. I am going to see my son this weekend. I'll bring said DVD plus I'll lug along my laptop. They burned copies of this DVD as gifts. Maybe they they thought they had made mine , but in fact, sent along a blank.


Not too many years ago, it was the height of technology to swiftly pull out one's laptop for airport security. Now, with iPads and smartphones, it seems so anachronistic (now don't get all arachnid at the sight of that word) to be forced (gasp!) to carry a laptop.


When are the tablet creators going to make one that has a DVD port?


Russian Standard Holly

Dear SECAM Holly,

Yes, it should play on the Macbook Pro so be interesting to see what another DVD does. If you look closely at the back of the DVD you should be able to see where the data is burnt as the pattern/colour should differ between that and a normal blank DVD but let me know.

Good question about the tablets and DVDs, the assumption is that everyone will stream content wirelessly but I think there would be a market to allow for a bit of old school technology on the new fabulous displays!

Talking of our arachnid friends, have started to overcome my fear. Am playing Minecraft with son and able to cope with the blocky spider representations so far :)

I don't know if you'll get this over there due to licensing but if you can listen it is quintessential Englishness

Hawkeye Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Go for Those Rulebreakers Steve,


Yes, the link opened perfectly. Visually, anyway. I'll have to look further to see if any audio is there, Chappie.

Needed more Adobe Flash, downloaded it and voila, back in Merry Olde.

Thanks, fun!


Device designers shouldn't assume we will all stream content. (are they in cahoots with cellular providers so we will pay more when we go over our data allowances??) Perfect example of needed ports is my son's photos. The world is full of parents who love to see their kids' missives. Guess the designers are childless. And--- just another reason I am the only person on planet not in love with my iPad.


Bit by bit, you're overcoming your phobia. Excellent! Just the way the shrinks would have you do it, then charge you five figures for all their help.


When I get back from my son's house, I'll let you know how the mystery DVD went.


Dark Ages Device User Holly






Dear Age of Enlightenment Holly,

Glad the link worked - perfect summer time listening for me!

I guess the designers would argue that pictures should be uploaded to the cloud but that's not always practical or advisable :) And yes, you are right the assumption that we're always connected does mean more charges from mobile providers. Not sure what situation is in US but here I pay £30 /month for unlimited minutes, text and data on my phone which the iPad can also use to get online.

Still not sure I will ever be able to watch Arachnaphobia but one step at a time!

Be interested to know what happens with the DVD as that will hopefully shed some light on a few things.

36-0 Steve