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i need a reppcement I-Omega ,zip for,mthe msame same compu

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i need a reppcement I-Omega ,zip for,mthe msame same computer
Thank you for the question. Can you please tell me what kind of drive you are looking for? Do you have a specific model number you are looking for?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

presently have a lot of programs backed up on an I-Omega - Zip100

Model #Z10052. Need new one. Have programs loaded on my

new desktop MAC - 10.75. they show up on new MACs screen

as file ? but won't open

Thanks for the reply. You can use a Zip 250 which can read both 100MB and 250MB disks. You can purchase the drive from Amazon using the link below:

One thing I'd suggest first however is determining whether the disk itself is bad, or the drive. You can test that by either trying to read the same disk with another drive. If it works, then the drive you have is likely damaged. Or if you have another disk that you can use without any issues, then the disk you have just may be damaged.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

you still didn't com;pletely,answer my question. Will these discs from

the old computer convert to the new mac osx 10.75 and why won't

them programs loaded on to he new computer open even thjoguh

tghere's an icon showing kon the screen. thanks for your help.

Thanks for the reply. The disks from the old machine should be readable by the OSX 10.7 machine, however many of the older programs are not compatible with 10.7, and need to should be installed on the new machine rather than copied from a zip disk. You would need to copy the installation package (the .dmg file) to the new machine and run the installer in order to load the program on to 10.7. From there, it will tell you whether the program is compatible or not. If not, you should get a warning stating the program is not compatible. It sounds like you've just copied the application file from the old machine if the icons are showing, however you should be using the .dmg installation file instead.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

apple script editor keeps popping up on my screen./ HAve tried everfything to get rid of it.Delete to trash, turn computer off,

compldetely unplugged computerr. It interferes with opening otyher

windows. what can i do/

Thanks for the reply. Is this in regard to the iomega drive/disc question or a different issue?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

different issue

Thanks. Can you rate my previous answer using one of the smiley faces and request me in another question for this issue? I'll be happy to help. Thanks again
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