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How to setup iPad mini without WiFi?

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How to setup iPad mini 16GB without WiFi?

Hello and thank you for asking your question, with I am Sr. Mac Tech Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you.

If you go into Settings on your main iPad screen and then select WiFi, are you able to see the name of your network listed there or does it show "Not Connected"?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : My network is listed,it asks for password ***** I enter password ***** Join network, pop-up states 'unable to join the network'
MacTechTrainer : And just to make sure I am on the same page with you
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Am I supposed to hook up Ipad mini to my laptop ?
MacTechTrainer : your network password ***** with your other wireless products when connecting to your network, correct? No not for WiFi- simply because it is wireless
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Yes, my laptop and android phone
MacTechTrainer : So you are ok with not having to perform that action. Oh so with the android and laptop, you could disconnect their connections from your wireless network and with that password (that is not currently working on your iPad Mini), can reconnect and sign right back into the network with no problem, is this right?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Do I need an Apple ID ? The box states,Apple ID required for some features and internet access.

MacTechTrainer : I believe you may Do you have one already created?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I don't know,I haven't tried that .How would I do this?
MacTechTrainer : I can help you that. One quick question however- I did not get a confirmation from your regarding that question I just posted above:

"Oh so with the android and laptop, you could disconnect their connections from your wireless network and with that password (that is not currently working on your iPad Mini), can reconnect and sign right back into the network with no problem, is this right?"

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No I haven't created an Apple ID
MacTechTrainer : Confirm that for me if you would and I will get the information you need to set up a new Apple ID. Oh no not that- you have confirmed that part
I just wanted to make sure I understood that if you were to disconnect the android or laptop from your current wireless network,
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I don't know how or have tried to disconnect laptop and phone from WiFi.
MacTechTrainer : You could log back in with the same password (that currently does not work on the iPad), with no problem, correct? That is why I am still seeking to confirm that with you because even once I help you set up the Apple ID (which I will as I mentioned before), if the network password ***** ***** working for you other devices signing on wirelessly
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I don't know how to disconnect from Wifi for laptop and phone.How would I do that ?
MacTechTrainer : We are are almost back to square one. What type of laptop do you have if I may ask?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : HP pavilion g6-1 d84nr notebook PC with Windows 7/intel core 13.
MacTechTrainer : Ok good to know. Now I am not going to take you through disconnecting your laptop or Android phone from your wireless network just yet-

I will only do that as a last resort. If this Apple ID creation and signing into the iPad with your current network password, does not help. So in order to set up an Apple ID, is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. Here is the link: My Apple ID

When you get to the main page, just click the blue button on the bottom left side of the page, in order to create a new Apple ID

NOTE: Make sure when setting up your new Apple ID- that you create answers you can remember for your security questions, which the Apple ID set up assistant will give you the option to do. Because to forget your security questions, can pose challenges to accessing your Apple ID in cases where you may forget your password ***** any reason.

I recommend writing down your new Apple ID password ***** the answers to your security questions and storing them in a safe place- just in case

Please update me when you have successfully set up a new Apple ID, before continuing on your iPad

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I went to the link and it stated my primary email addy was already associated with an Apple ID. my email:[email protected]
MacTechTrainer : Thanks for confirming that for me. Now the question remains. Are you able to use that Apple ID ok?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No,because it wouldn't allow me to set up an ID
MacTechTrainer : Just to let you know, we cannot see any email addresses you post in you chat session with us. For your security and privacy or chat system will take your email address and turn it to [email protected]

So I won't be able to view any of your email addresses you post in this session. Now going back to the issue here with not being able to set up the Apple ID

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Okay,when I was directed to the link,I followed the instructions and the site stated my y a h o o email was associated with an ID
MacTechTrainer : Ok- that is just what I was about to ask because if the Apple ID page is telling you that you already have an Apple ID. If you cannot initially connect to it, you should be able to reset the password ***** it. So you can get access to that Apple ID.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : How do I do this ?
MacTechTrainer : (hope that makes sense). Ok when you receive a message from Apple on that site indicating that your Yahoo! email is already associated with an Apple ID. Have you tried to take that yahoo email as an Apple ID and reset the password?
Using password ***** for the Apple ID on that website?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- :No I haven't. Can you retype the link so I may try
MacTechTrainer : sure

If ever you need to locate this website in the future, you can also use Google (or any other web search engine you use) and simply type "My Apple ID" in the search box and you will be able to get to that My Apple ID page

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Ok,retried,and it still stated my primary email addy is associated with an apple ID. Maybe I should take the Ipad mini to an Apple store.
MacTechTrainer : Not just yet. That is actually not such an extreme step you have to take just yet. I have some steps I can take you through to help you still get your question answered without you having to even leave your home unnecessarily.
As long as you are willing to allow me to continue to help you, I will guide you now.
Ok first, I owe you an explanation on my plan of attack here

First, I need to bookmark (save) this web page, if you have not already done so, in your web browser that way you can come back to this session and chat me whenever you need to, as necessary while we are working on this issue.

Next, I would like to take you through some steps where I can help you get a live connection to Apple ( I will still be here in this chat for you at the same time), so they can help you reset your Apple ID password ***** their server-side
It is a little "workaround" I discovered while helping my wife with her (same) Apple ID issue this worked for us, so I am counting on this working for you :)
So the plan is get this pesky Apple ID issue resolved, so you CAN use it with your iPad Mini then that will free me up to finally help you get that iPad Mini connected to your network.
I assure you it is easy to follow and it will have screen shots (pictures) so you can see what page I need you to be at.. All you will need to do for me, is to say "ok" or "done" once you complete a step, so we can move on to the next step
MacTechTrainer :

1.) Go to the Apple Express Lane website:

**On this page you will see all Apple Products- select the iPad image

To enlarge these images I post in this session, simply click the "Full Size Image" link to get a larger view of the screen shot image I post for you

Ok and you have selected your iPad product correct?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I clicked on IPad
MacTechTrainer : Good next..

2.) Select the Topic: iTunes Store, App Store or iBookstore located on the left side view of the page. Ok so now on the left side

3.) Once you select that topic- then on the right window that appears, select: Apple ID account billing

4.) Then under the "Please tell us more about the issue" section
Type in: Issue with using Apple ID account

5.) Now, under the menu: Choose the iTunes Store or App Store for your country: select your country and press Continue

6.) You should now be taken to a window where you have three options for contacting Apple Support
a.) Start a chat session with Apple Support now.
b.) Contact Apple Support by phone
c.) Arrange to have Apple Support contact you later or
d.) Email Apple Support

Full Size Image

I would recommend for quicker results that you either chat or arrange to contact Apple Support by phone. This way you can connect with a live Apple agent through iPad Support and you can request to be connected to iTunes account security which who my wife and I spoke to.

But the key here is getting to the iTunes account security group per the iPad Apple agent you connect with that way you can be transferred to that targeted iTunes department so we can get your Apple ID fixed because only they can do it.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : The agent is saying I need to set up Itunes account , I understand billing,but why I tunes account ?
MacTechTrainer : Your same Apple ID can be used as an iTunes account have you ever purchased any music or videos, from the iTunes store before? I think the reason the agent is mentioning this, is because the iTunes account using your Apple ID, would have purchase details including credit card information listed
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No,I received an Ipod in 2007 and still haven't uploaded any songs yet ....
MacTechTrainer : Has he/she added anything thing else to that suggestion?

Ok no worries- we still have room to work What does the agent say when you ask about being directed to iTunes account security- are they saying they can get you there, once you set up an iTunes account with an Apple ID?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : He/she stated my primary email addy is my Apple ID and sent a link for billing info
MacTechTrainer : and your primary email address is the Yahoo! email you told me about earlier, correct? (take your time, you are doing well, chatting between us like this)
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- :

In order to add billing information, you would have to follow these instructions below, after this is done you can purchase items from the iTunes Store: 1. Open iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, you can download iTunes here. 2. From the Store menu, choose Create Apple ID. Click Continue on the resulting screen. 3. To proceed, you'll need to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you've read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, click the checkbox next to "I have read and agree to these terms and conditions." 4. Click Agree. 5. Complete the form to create your free Apple ID (which is what you will use to log in to the iTunes Store). 6. The form includes security questions for your protection, and asks for an optional rescue email address. Providing a rescue email is recommended. Learn more about the rescue email address. 7. Once you've filled out the form, click Continue. 8. If you receive a warning that the email address you entered is already associated with an Apple ID, follow these instructions about using an existing Apple ID instead. 9. Provide a valid payment method and billing address. You will not be charged until you make a purchase. 10. Once you've provided all the required billing information, click Continue. 11. You will need to verify your email address. Check your email for a verification email from Apple. 12. In the verification email you receive from Apple, click the Verify Now link. 13. You'll be taken to the Apple ID page to verify your email address. 14. Enter your email address and the password ***** used to create your Apple ID. Then, click Verify Add

MacTechTrainer : Got that information
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : These are the instructions the agent provided
MacTechTrainer : Are you still on with that Agent or did they end the session with you?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Still on, do I need to ask for any more info?
MacTechTrainer : Did you let the agent know of the access problem you are currently having with your Apple ID now?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Yes, unable to connect to wifi network,waiting for an answer. Explained to agent that ipad mini won't accept password ***** use for notebook and android phone, agent's reply below


Ok I would try this again after resetting Network Settings on your iPad Mini. First Tap Settings, Tap General, Tap Reset, Tap Reset Network Settings, then Reset Network Settings again. After this reboots I would try following the steps I provided above to make sure you are finding the correct network you want to join and entering in the correct password.

MacTechTrainer : Those are the exact same steps I was going to provide

which you can go ahead and take care to do when you have a chance


JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Should I sign off chat with Apple agent at this time ?
MacTechTrainer : When you starting having issues with the Apple ID, that is where your initial question took a turn in a different direction so is the Agent stating at this time, that if you set up the iTunes account with your Apple ID
that your Apple ID will work ok for you on your iPad Mini?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : How do I do this ? I can only turn on Ipad and when I get to Network,that's the problem
MacTechTrainer : No worries about that- after you finish with the Chat agent, I will help you with his/her instructions for resetting your network on your iPad. That is simple to do. It is the Apple ID issue I do not want you to be left hanging in then balance on.

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- :

So I should have no problem with my Apple ID,as it is my primary email addy,is that correct ?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Ok, this is the info the agent gave me and I signed
MacTechTrainer : Ok, then that should be good enough- I can resume from here, but make sure that the agent provides you a toll-free Apple support number you can call back on and as well as a Case#. That way it is proof they have record of your chat session with them.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I have a Case # ***** did not ask for toll-free # and didn't print the chat info. Will I run into problems again ? You must have the patience of a saint...!
MacTechTrainer : I think you can call(###) ###-####for Apple Support
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : ok,I will copy and paste that #,thanks. Now what's the next step ?
MacTechTrainer : So would you like to start with the network reset process first?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Yup,that would be good
MacTechTrainer : Ok on your main IPad screen, look for the icon entitled Settings (remember to say "ok or done" once you have finished a step)
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : ok turned it on , I touched the screen for English,the USA and now at Choose a Network,this is where the problem starts. I don't see Main Screen Settings anywhere or any Icons. What does a Lightening connector do ?
MacTechTrainer : Oh I see what you are experiencing here. You are just starting out on your iPad mini so you have not even had a chance to really enjoy using it yet! I am sorry I missed that part, but I will still work to help you as well as I can
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No,just got it in the mail yesterday !
MacTechTrainer : Understood and congrats on the new purchase. We just have to get past this networking hurdle. The lightening connector works in two ways it charges your iPad Mini but it also allows you to connect the iPad mini to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed. So you can sync (transfer or import new data like music, videos and apps) into iTunes as well as back up your data on your iPad Mini, so if your iPad Mini ever has an issue and is erased. You can restore that backed up information to the iPad Mini.
Before this session is over, I will have a few helpful links to guide you on how to do that.

Ok so now on your present screen, refresh me what you see now

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Choose A Network,it has the network listed that I use for the android and laptop. It also says "set up ipad mini using Itunes if wifi not available
MacTechTrainer : ok so that is good that it recognizes your network. So now tell me, who do you use for your Internet Service in your home (or home office) at this present time?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Comcast for internet and Verizon for android phone
MacTechTrainer : Ok good and did Comcast set up your wireless network in your home?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Yes
MacTechTrainer : Ok, so this should be resolvable - now did Comcast provide you the password ***** your network or did you create it?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I had a Dell laptop previously when Comcast set up TV/internet/landline, then bought HP and used same network and pass word,this was April 2012. I created the password
MacTechTrainer : Ok so that right there proves you have a working network password. Now when you enter that same network password ***** ***** any error code that pops up? If you re not sure, try it again and let me know exactly what you see.

I am going to the core level here to determine why that same network password ***** have created and are using on other products, is not working on your new iPad Mini.

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : It says Unable to join the network "papa"...which is what I've always used,my son set it up that way and I even tried the password ***** uses which is different from mine which works with the laptop and android.

Does that make sense ?

MacTechTrainer : Makes perfect sense I am just thinking at that point trying to figure the least path of resistance for you. Now one thing I can think of here- and this is a "just in case".
What I was going to say was I noticed when you provided me the message from your iPad Mini one other option was to skip the network set up and set your iPad Mini through iTunes. To do that would be a way to get the iPad Mini set up, but that is where the Apple ID issue came into play, correct?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : oh okay .so I would set up an ITunes account or try the option on the mini?
MacTechTrainer : Yes, that is exactly what I would recommend, and then tell me this- if not sure about the network password, is there a way to reach your son

and ask him about the network password, just as a back up alternative?

okay, I touched Continue without wifi for Itunes and pad displays itunes and plug-the lightning connector. Would that hook up with my laptop ?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : ok,trying that now
MacTechTrainer : the lightening connector has a USB connector at the other end to connect into your computer.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Computer states ipad installation what ? Nothing is happening
MacTechTrainer : Not to worry. tell me what you see on your iPad screen now
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : itunes musical note displaying the lightning connector. Do I need to go to Itunes website ?
MacTechTrainer : Tell me is this what you are seeing with the iPad connected to your computer?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : yes
MacTechTrainer : Ok is the iTunes application currently installed on the computer, that your iPad is currently connected to?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No
MacTechTrainer : Ok then this is going to help you in a major way with this setup process. I need you to download and install iTunes on your computer that your iPad is connected to. We are getting closer now to getting this iPad up.

The download and installation of iTunes is fairly easy, but as you need to, feel free to ask me question during that install.

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : okay,how do I know if the download was successful?
MacTechTrainer : Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox for your web browser if I may ask?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : internet explorer
MacTechTrainer : Look on your Internet Explorer tool bar and select Tools from the menu bar then click on the "view downloads" option from the Tools drop down menu. That will bring a pop up screen which should show you the newly downloaded iTunes file then you can click the download file and start the process of downloading iTunes to your computer. iTunes has a very nice, user friendly, set up process so you should not have any issues- again however, if you do, you got ME here ;)
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : When I click on internet explorer it opens up google

Okay,now it's downloading...Duh !

Okay,I'm shut down ,installed updates and did some reconfiguring. Do I view recent downloads to check on Itunes. Nothing still is happening with ipad mini now.
MacTechTrainer : Ok again not to worry. do you have the iTunes application open at this time on your computer now?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : nope.
MacTechTrainer : Now what I need to know, is - is that iTunes download completed? or has it stop showing a download screen
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Every time I think I've downloaded,It doesn't appear when I view downloads. I think so,just watched the download and clicked on Finish...finally I hope.
MacTechTrainer : I am just following along and also make sure to get an idea where your downloads from Internet Explorer are going to.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Itunes is listed under 'All programs" and in the Control panel under "programs"..same thing. But still no change on Ipad,no icons or settings appearing.
So what happens next ? Do I go the Apple website and create an account?
MacTechTrainer : I just want to make sure your iTunes opens to a window that looks like this:
Full Size Image

We have to make sure that is up first

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No I didn't see that image
MacTechTrainer : Ok that is what we need to confirm first before we can set up the iTunes account. You see, without a working iTunes application that you can open, we can't get your iPad set up properly. So let me take small step back so you don't lose the momentum here.
When you go into Start >Programs

do you see an iTunes icon that you can click to open up the iTunes application or no?

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I went back to download itunes 11 link and reinstalled and entered Apple ID...forgot surprise,will check email and return to site and I think I am on the right page for the image you sent
MacTechTrainer : Ok well in this instance, I am following your updates, so try as you can to locate the iTunes program so you can open it when you do, it is going to open alot more options for you to get the iPad Mini up and working
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : I'm officially signed into itunes,still not getting that image. Do I need to go back to Itunes store and click on another option?
MacTechTrainer : Great update. so to catch up with you, the iPad is no longer displaying that iTunes symbol and lightening symbol.
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : No, it still is
MacTechTrainer : Ok but you have an iTunes program open, correct?
So I am still not sure if you have the iTunes application open- Do you or do you not at this time?
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Now mini is displaying Location Services,I guess I touch Enable
MacTechTrainer : Yes. that is good- seeing some progress here :)
MacTechTrainer : Now I take it you are able to see iTunes up!

YES!! Wond-er-ful !

JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : YES !!! I did but with your help and patience ! Wow !!! Thanks so much ! My name is ***** ***** the grandkids call me "Bub". I am so excited to use this !!!
MacTechTrainer : Mickey, I hope I can be a grandparent just like you when I get to that phase in my life
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- :One more question,can I use the mini without being connected to my laptop?
MacTechTrainer : Yes, you can use your iPad without being connected to your laptop. The purpose of setting up your iPad with iTunes is an important one Mickey, because you can transfer purchase music, videos, apps and more using iTunes as your main media player.
My name is***** Support Specialist, at your service. I promised to provide you some helpful links for getting the most from your iPad Mini. This is one of my favorite pages to go from Apple because it gives you all the basics to get familiarized with your iPad Mini:
JACUSTOMER-p5losuzy- : Thanks Terry,I'll copy and paste and write this down too !
MacTechTrainer : I thank you very much for allowing me to assist you. Keep in mind also, if you Accept any of my answers, it does not mean the session is over, especially if the issue.

If you are satisfied that I have resolved your question to your satisfaction, please feel free to rate my service.

MacTechTrainer and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you