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My iphone was stolen recently and I am not sure if my photos

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My iphone was stolen recently and I am not sure if my photos might have been backed up on icloud. I believe I have the icloud activated, but can't remember.

I am thinking about replacing my iphone 4s with another one like it,  and getting a macbook air.  I haven't had a mac in several years--switched to p.c. when got old, since my husband had a fast p.c.and doesn't mind sharing.  But I understand the macbook air is easy and light and would sync pictures from the phone and store easily.  does this make sense and do you recommend?  I am not that tech-skilled and prefer simplified equipment. (easy to use). I mainly do  web searches, word processing ,  email, some photos, phonecalls and texting. Also online bank and investing. Advice appreciated about lost photos and phone,  plus what to get next.  I had installed "find my phone"  by the way, but had not activated it (I guess)  on icloud.  But I do have an itunes acct. and I think it's connected to icloud.  Help Please!

NickMacExpert :

Hi and welcomed to

NickMacExpert :

My name isXXXXX will assist you with your issues.

NickMacExpert :

I am sorry for what happened to you.

NickMacExpert :

If iCloud is or was activated on your phone, your photos might got backed up.

NickMacExpert :

What you should do now is to get another iphone 4S or ipad.

NickMacExpert :

Setup and select Restore from iCloud.

NickMacExpert :

Your info/backup files and apps should be restored to your iphone or ipad.

NickMacExpert :

Macbook Air should work for you for your needs.

NickMacExpert :

It is light and easy to pack with you on the go.

NickMacExpert :

Last thing, regarding your lost iphone, You might not activated the Find my phone feature. Which make it harder to find.

NickMacExpert :

However, if whoever got your phone might reset/restore your iphone, which will erase everything, and remove your SIM card out of the iphone. That makes it almost impossible to track the phone.

NickMacExpert :

Again, I am sorry that your iphone is lost. The only way to see if your photos were backed up on iCLoud or not is to restore a new iphone/ipad from iCloud. After the reset, go to Photos and you should see them if they were backed up.

NickMacExpert :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, you answer so far is very helpful, but I'm not clear on a couple of parts of it.

1. Can I use my husband's ipad to check if my stolen iphone was backed up in icloud? can I not find that out with the p.c. I'm using now?


2. Do you think it will simpler/ easier for me to store/sync/ back up my new phone (when I get it) with a mac air or something like that, or would my p.c. that I have now be o.k., once I learn how to activate icloud, set up iphoto, etc?

Thanks for your reply.

You could use your husband's iPhone to check but it is not recommended. Because your husband's iPhone has his data, doing so might results in losing his data or mixing his and yours data afterwards. So it is much better to use another iPhone or iPad for that.

It is easier to sync/backup with an iMac or Macbook Air or even another PC once you get a new iPhone.

I hope that I answered your questions. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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