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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  OSX certified, many years experience supporting Apple Hardware & Software
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Word crashed and is now missing my whole days work

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I'm using word 2004 for my mac. I worked on a document all day and saved my work all day long. About half an hour ago, word just shut down on me. When it reopened and auto recovered, all the work I did all day seems to be missing. When I open the document on its own, that again, I had been saving all day long, it still is missing all of today's work. Is there any way to get my work back or is it gone forever since autorecovery doesn't have it and it's not appearing on the original document either? thanks.

Steve Herrod :

Hi, I'll be happy to help with this although I fear it is bad news

Steve Herrod :

One thing you may want to try would be to go to the Spotlight search and enter in any documents that were in the document you had added yesterday - this may reveal any file which had recovery information etc in

Steve Herrod :

also, you can try manually checking the autorecovery files with this process

Steve Herrod :

  1. Close Word for Mac.

  2. On the Go menu, click Home.

  3. Open the Documents folder, and then open the Microsoft User Data folder.

  4. Locate all the files that start with the words "AutoRecovery save of."

  5. For each file that matches this criteria, rename the file. Then, add the ".doc" file name extension.

    Note When you do this, the icon changes to a Word document icon.

  6. If the icon does not change to a Word document icon, follow these steps:

    1. On the File menu, click Preferences.

    2. Click to select the Show all file extensions check box.

    3. Close the Advance box, and then repeat step 5.

  7. Double-click the file. The document now opens in Word for Mac.

Steve Herrod :

Let me know

Steve Herrod :


Steve Herrod :


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