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Dan - Master Tech
Dan - Master Tech, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  I have worked with Macs going back to the IIE. Installation, diagnostics, repair of all variations.
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There is an intermittent quivering 2 inch shadow down the right

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There is an intermittent quivering 2 inch shadow down the right hand side of my screen. Why and what can I do about it? Morag

Dan - Master Tech :

Greetings, which model iPad do you have? If possible, can you connect your iPad to an external monitor and reply with the results as to whether the problem continues to exist on the external display?

Customer: IPad 2 Ican't connect it to any other thing
Dan - Master Tech :

The iPad 2 does have to ability to connect to an external monitor, if you do not have the cable and monitor available then I suggest going to the the Genius Bar and having them try. At least in that way you can determine whether the display in the iPad is defective or if it is a mainboard problem.

Customer: Ok.thank you
Dan - Master Tech :

You mention that the "shadow" quivers, does that mean it changes in size or intensity? Is the edge of the shadow in a straight line? Is the edge of the shadow sharp or does it gradually blend into the normal part of the screen?

Customer: The edge is sharp you can see through it and sometimes it is not there but it is becoming more regular ie more often ther than not
Customer: It is a straight line from the top to the bottom of the screen
Customer: 2 inches wide
Dan - Master Tech :

OK, I was trying to determine whether the backlight was to blame but it seems you still need to try the external monitor. If the problem vanishes on the external display then the iPad's display is defective. Repairs can be made by an experienced technician to replace the LCD panel but the cost could exceed the value of the iPad itself.

Customer: Ok thank you
Dan - Master Tech :

I need to leave on a service call. You can reply here with the results of your visit back to the Genius Bar if you like. Dan

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just to make sure I did not give you a tip. Thanks for you help but it wasn'tt worth even the £43 . I was worried I had clicked the wrong thing . Sorry
No problem. I don't encourage or solicit payment and certainly don't expect it if I have not helped in some significant way. Not all problems can be resolved right off and can take some sleuthing to determine the actual problem so initially I may need someone to take certain steps first before suggesting a more exacting course of action. As in your case the indicated symptom can be the result of more than one fault and can take an extended time to come to a conclusion. This process can be revisited at any time by you to continue until such time as no more can be done in this venue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understand but thank you anyway. I was probably hoping for a quick solution which is seldom a possibility. You can probably see that I have very limited knowledge of technology. I think I would like to feel that I can terminate this now as I worry I might be kept connected long term which just makes me anxious.