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HII am on a MAC. I was using Quicken 2004..yeah I know..old

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I am on a MAC. I was using Quicken 2004..yeah I know..old old old. I upgraded to I have 10.7.5

Of course I did not know about losing everything so now the 2004 Quicken with all my data from 2004 through 2011 will not open.

If I get 2013 Quicken Essentials, will it import my data on the 2004 system? Any other suggestions? THx
They have a converter for the files. They have more information here about the converter here.

In order to use the converter you will have to buy Quicken Essentials from another place rather then the Mac App Store. Purchase the CD or the software through either or another vendor like Amazon.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

TOM a bit more help please.


SO..the link above about the converter mentions converting Quicken 2007. AS I said to you I have is older. Will the convertor sill work?


And I have 2 has been upgraded to LION and I am locked out of the Quicken 2004 and one has not been upgraded so as to protect the Quicken 2004 data. CAN i get just one CD/download of Quicken Essentials and use it in both MACS?


And in the MAC that has NOT been upgraded, it is all I need the Quicken Essentials and NOT the converter? Will it also convert the Quicken 2004 data?


Thank you

The converter will only work with 2005 and newer. I didn't realize it left off 2004 until now. They also have a quicken 2007 version for purchase but unfortunately that also leaves off 2004 files

Since you have another computer, Another option would be to install Quicken 2006 and import your 2004 files and then you can use the 2006 files in the 2007 version I posted above. Below is a link to the full 2006 version.

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