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I had a Mac Mini (2005 release) that was never used (still

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I had a Mac Mini (2005 release) that was never used (still in the shrink wrap from the factory). I sold it on eBay and now the buyer is claiming it doesn't work and that Apple will not help them get it running. They are having trouble getting Safari to start up.

I assume they need to upgrade the operating system in order to download current software to get current. I offered that suggestion... they claim they have been able to download a couple of upgrades (right now it's running 10.3.9 but the Mac Mini refuses to go to 10.4. When they start up Safari (that came with the Mini) it crashes as they feel the software is too old to handle the current websites.

Specific model is: SuperDrive M9971LL/A 1.42GHz Power G4 512MB

I am far from a technical mind with these things... short of suggesting they take it to a computer tech person... any other suggestions of things they should try?

I was surprised they told me the Apple Store would not help them. The Mini has never been registered so thought maybe if they registered it they might get more help directly??

Thanks in advance.
Hello and thanks for using

Do you have the disks for 10.4?

Does it only crash in safari.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I believe they have the discs that came with the Mac Mini in 2005. I think they are trying to upgrade via downloads. I do not know if they have the disks for 10.4. They said they were able to get to 10.3.9 by two downloads, so I am assuming that is how they are trying to get to 10.4


Safari is the only thing they have told me causes the crash. I think they got enough information from the various places I pointed them to that they have been trying to upgrade the operating system as the older version of safari appears to not be robust enough to handle current websites.


I do NOT know if they tried reloading safari... it should have already been installed.



They are going to have trouble using the latest version of adobe flash on that machine. Adobe stopped making flash for older macs

For all other issues. Have them do the following

Lets delete Safari preference file.

Click on the picture of a face all the way on the left-hand side of your dock.

This will bring up your home folder. Go into a folder called Library and then another folder called Preferences.

Delete the file called
Deleting this file resets your default home page when starting Safari.
To reset this, Do the following:
Start Safari
Click Safari in the top left and choose preferences
Click General Tab and type in what you would like your default home page to be next to Home

I would also ask them to download Firefox as some websites work better using Firefox. They can download it at the below link
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your step by step instructions. I have passed this information along. I just feel bad they can't get the machine to work... I have had no problem from the other one that I also sold. I have a feeling from the way they have communicated that they are not that familiar with MacMini or working with older systems in general. Appreciate the real-time help!

Thanks. For the positive rating and please come back again
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have not heard back from the folks that bought this MacMini. So I don't know if they were able to get it to work or not. Thank you for your help.
ok let us know if you ever need additional help