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Current owner of G4 Mac Mini w/OS 10.4.11 Had hard drive

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Current owner of G4 Mac Mini w/OS 10.4.11

Had hard drive replaced last year after non-fatal crash. (Did have to have professional data retrieval performed)

Would like to get "current" with the purchase of a new Mac. (Mini, or iMac 21.5)

Criteria for new machine: Must be able to access G4 files and applications, run Windows XP or Higher and have nice graphics processor.

Would like to have flexibility to plug in 51" Plasma HDTV to chosen Mac without losing any resolution or clarity. Keyboard and Mouse should be wireless.

I like the portability of the Mac Mini. I also like the Display on the iMac 21.5

Looking for an Expert's recommendation. Thank you.
Hello and thanks for using

What applications do you have?

What devices? printer? scanner

What model TV do you have?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Applications on G4 include MS Office for Mac, Adobe GoLive 6.0, not much other non-Intel stuff.


Epson 1290 Photo Printer, no scanner, lots of USB connects including Network Drive.


TV is Samsung 51" Plasma.

Unless you do not want to always use your TV as the display, I would say the mac mini is a great device. The video card can display full resolution on your plasma

For Mountain Lion you will need Office 2008 or greater. GoLive 6 won't work with Mountain Lion. Your printer will work fine.

Apple has a great comparing website if you want to have a look

I use VMware on my mac mini with 8GB of ram and it works well. I'm not sure if your familiar with vmware but you can use it to run windows while working on the Mac. Of course this can also be done using Boot Camp.

Let me know if you have any more questions
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