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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 3324
Experience:  OSX certified, many years experience supporting Apple Hardware & Software
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Hope this format works. OK- next question--I have a LaCie

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Hope this format works. OK- next question--
I have a LaCie external hard drive that I used with the iBook G4. Problem-- I didn't erase my info that's stored in there before I cleared the hard drive on the iBook ;(
What do you suggest? Maybe info won't open since hard drive it was backing up is now cleared?
Nurse Ratched Holly

Steve Herrod : Je ne regrette rien. Just checking options :-)
Steve Herrod :

can the LaCie be connected to the newer Mac?

Steve Herrod :

or does it only connect to the older iBook G4?

Steve Herrod :

is it being sold along with the iBook?

Steve Herrod :

if it can be connected to the newer Mac we can securely erase it

Steve Herrod :

let me know

Steve Herrod :

Mcmurphy Steve


Dear McMurphy Steve,


Sorry, went out eating and drinking w good friend. I know you'll understand :)

Steve Herrod : Of course :-)
Steve Herrod :

Hope it was very enjoyable!


Sorry for all the crazy starts and stops. Maybe I need to be in the Cukoo's Nest! Anyway, La Cie will not plug into MacBookPro. It's a firewire. That's some different concept than USB, correct? So, if I can't erase it, how can I dispose of it?


Prefer a Drink to the Cukoo's Nest Holly

Steve Herrod and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Ah - in that case the best (free) options available are a magnet left on top of the drive or taking a hammer to the thing (which can be fun).

Either way would leave the data unreadable.

Second you on that drink :)


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear How's That Christmas Shopping Coming Steve,


Hey, thanks! Personally, my favorite is the hammer delete. I'll do it sometime when I'm frustrated about something- which will probably be over something with Just Answer! lol


New topic-- do you have Netflix? I just re-joined b/c they said they now have lots of streaming choices. So, I fell for it. You can imagine, the one I really want to see is recent episodes of Revenge. Well, the only option they have for streaming Revenge is 2011 episodes Frown Bummer, bummer!! Do you think that's a copyright agreement Netflix had to do w the TV network, ABC? I also wanted to see a miniseries called Boardwalk Empire. Has great reviews. It's from the HBO people. It's not on Netflix at all. Frown again. On the birght side, tho, I understand there is a gizmo I can buy at the overpriced Apple store that will show streaming things fm iPad (or computer?) onto TV? Do you know that device? What all does it plug into? Wall and iPad? Wall and TV?


I'm Fini Holly



Well, it's coming on....

Always worth having a hammer to hand!

I don't have Netflix as such but do know someone with it - there will be various agreements they've had to do with each network although it's strange that only 2011 is on there.

Have you tried

That little gizmo sounds like an Apple TV - just connects to Wall & TV and uses the wireless network. They are very good!

No where near to fini Steve

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear You're Such a Guy, Shopping on Christmas Eve Steve,


I do need to look at I know people who use it. is there a fee?


Ok- Apple TV. Got it.


Have Fun at the 24 Hour Stores Holly

Dear Shops are manic Holly,

There's a free hulu version and then a paid subscription (I think $7 / month) which offers more shows etc but it seems to work really well.

Is Apple TV on the Xmas list?

Already needs a drink Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear It's Always Five O'clock Somewhere Steve,


Ahhh, yes, 'tis the season. Always bring your patience anytime you leave the house. "Twill all be over soon , except for the profit - counting.

OK- now I do remember about hulu. I think the free version also has adverts and amybe the paid one doesn't. I need to check it- maybe I should switch fm netflix to paid hulu.

For Christmas, I'm going to a place in Connecticut that doesn't have wireless internet for guests like me. (Gasp!!!) So, if I happened to want to watch anything fm Netflix on my iPad, I'd need to make my phone be a hotspot, then the iPad gets data fm the phone (I've paid for a modest plan to do that) However, a streaming video is what I'd be watching and that uses up enormous amounts of data, right? So, I really can't use Netflix w/o wifi available, is that right?

Apple TV After Paying for Everyone Else's Christmas List Holly

Dear Ever Helpful Holly,

Well - managed to survive the mad rush... Fingers crossed all ready now :)

Yes, Hulu seems pretty good - worth checking what shows/series they can offer before signing up.

Streaming Netflix would use a large amount of data - at a rough estimate you can use 500-700Mb for a movie so definitely best with wi-fi.

Hoping for Bond on Blu-Ray Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Shaken Not Stirred Steve,


Glad you survived mad store rush. Hope Father Christmas was good to you and that you enjoyed the day Innocent


Re: data, I think I finally understand the concept. But I'm not sure, so, send smileys and can you clarify ...

  • wifi is through cable or something miraculous and wireless which comes through space? I pay for it on my cable bill at home, but out at Starbucks, for example, they have wifi available included in price of overstrong coffee, right?

  • But ... streaming data comes through my phone plan which is ATT for me, if wifi isn't available?

  • But, a movie or TV can come streaming thru wifi? But, that doesn't cost extra, is that correct?

  • If streaming can come thru wifi, how can I be sure I'm watching something on wifi and not on "data" which I do comprehend, uses lots of "data space" and will end up costing more than the data plan I have. I know I have a minimal data plan. I'll check it before I send this to you, just a sec.

  • OK- my ATT bill says I bought "5GB DataPro for iPhone on4G LTE with VVM.

  • I understand what 4GLTE is ... it means a nice, fast connection for internet use, right?

  • But, what's VVM?

  • And 5GB would not be good to squander on watching a movie, right? OK for a little internet perusing or sending email in place like where I went in Connecticut for C'mas which doesn't have wireless internet for guests? I also disconnect the connection when I'm done so it's not "looking around" w/o my knowing.

  • And, last, does 1000mb = 1GB?

Hooray, Revenge Is Back Jan.6 Holly







Dear Holly Moneypenny,

He was a very generous soul - hope you enjoyed as well!

You are pretty much spot on with the data conundrum. Wi-Fi at places like Starbucks etc is free provided you are drinking their wonderful produce.

Assuming you have an active wireless internet connection then the device actively prioritizes this when downloading/streaming etc - it's an automatic process although on an iPad under Settings you can turn off Mobile Data so that it won't even attempt to use the phone network.

The VVM on the bill refers to Visual Voicemail usually which probably means there is an app or utility available which lets you play messages etc without navigating through phone menus.

5GB would not be good on a movie - unless it was a classic... Perfect for those offline times when no wi-fi is available though!

Yes, 1000MB = 1GB (give or take a few bytes).

The name'sXXXXX
Steve Herrod and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Sorry - just saw your request which someone else has grabbed! Looks like I didn't log off last night before sleep overtook :)


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi and Happy New Year Steve,


Hope the smiley face and proper credit goes to you.

I don't think I rec'd an answer fm someone else. Another Expert can't see this thread, tho, right? Only the Big Brothers at JA...


Muddling Through Boring Winter Holly


Happy New Year Holly!

Yes - all is well I think! Have received credit.

Snow here - everything stops working!

Trudging through the snow Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Frosty Steve,

Snow?? Really?? What a rarity! We haven't even had enough snow to trudge through.

Take day off ... make snowman. Better than work, tho doesn't pay as much.

Global Warming Hit New Jersey Holly


Dear Warm sounds good Holly,
For us we have a 'blizzard' - probably not much by usual standards but enough to make the country grind to a halt :)
Frosty the snowman Steve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Corncob Nose and Eyes of Coal Steve,


Yes, I recall snow and England were not a good combination. If you can't put an umbrella over it, it's a challenge.

Earlier, you mentioned someone had grabbed my question to you. I guess if expert doesn't respond in timely fashion, JA puts our questions out there for everyone?

Which reminds me, in the good old days of JA, we customers could even put in a preference w each question for how long we were willing to wait for answer- everything from 15 minutes to two days, as I recall. I still think JA is becoming less user friendly than more so!


Here's a question for a smiley face ... I have very old Microsoft Office discs. Do you think I could re-install them on this computer and thereby get back the use of my old email program, Entourage? Tho old, it's still the best out there! You don't think it's possibly available for cheap as a download sans discs, do you? Actually, I think it's now Outlook, not Entourage, right? And it has bad reviews, I think.

Finally Seeing the Sun Today Holly

Dear The sun always shines on TV Holly,
We are terrible - still, snowman has been built :)
Yes, if we don't respond within 15 minutes I think the question can be picked up by anyone - I wasn't aware of any preference though that would be very user friendly if so!
You should be able to install from the old discs and try Entourage again - or you can get the new version direct from Microsoft (which includes Outlook). They have a trial edition available you can use to see whether you would get on with Outlook.
I actually quite like it!
Steve Herrod and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unless the Director Needs a Spooky Mood,Then They Bring Out the Buckets Steve,


A snowman-- we may not be able to do that at all this winter.


Do you use Outlook on a Mac or a PC? Do you like Outlook better than Apple Mail?


I Have a New Question to Move On To Holly





Dear the answer is 42 Holly,
Snowman is still there - looks like we might have a few days where it stays which is very rare!
I use Outlook on both Mac and PC, the PC version is the better of the two but I do prefer the Mac version over Apple Mail.
It may be because I'm used to dealing with Macs in organizations who insist on using Microsoft software so have learned Outlook and am happy to tolerate it's misgivings Smile
Having said that there are a lot of mail clients around that do a better job than Apple Mail (in my opinion) and Outlook has a fairly steep price premium if you were to try it and like it. There will be a subscription model available for Office soon whereby you can pay something like $8/month for the Office suite which is something I'm going to do rather than pay £300 for each version.
Thunderbird by Mozilla is worth a look too as it is free and extremely customizable.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Greetings, My Long Lost (I know, That's My Fault) Computer Savvy Expert,

How are you? Snow finally gone? Still winter-y here, tho sun out today (just like always on TV!)

Two iPad questions for you. Both are really dumb, but since you're so far away , I won't see you laughing at me. Just send me the smiley faces when we're done so I can use my unlimited subscription Wink

OK, here we go:

1) On my music icon app- iTunes- I once loaded in XXXXX XXXXX's DaVinci Code from local library's CD's to listen to in the car. It's crazy boring and would put me right to sleep so I don't want it after all. As you know, there's a zillion chapters and I don't want it taking up the space. Dumb question is: How do I delete it? Every time I hit one of the chapters, Dan B starts his sonorous reading and I don't see an option to delete.

2) when I play anything on my music list and I want it to stop, I hit the parallel lines at the top. and sound stops. But - on some- and only some selections, the title and artist continue to scroll across, above the bar that indicates time elapsed. Why only some, and - app is still using battery power even if I've stopped sound whether scrolling is happening or not, right?

It's scary, isn't it, that people like me are allowed to use such high tech equipment with so little knowledge?

Still Loooving Revenge Holly


Ahoy new season Holly,

I would never laugh! Both good questions!

1) From experience, I've found the best way to remove things like this from the iPad is via iTunes. Once connected to the Mac, if you go into iTunes you should be able to choose Devices-->iPad-->Music. You can then delete the sleeping pills/XXXXX XXXXX as applicable.

2) Have seen this before and seems to be a weird glitch that crops up - is there any correlation to what other apps are open when this occurs? You are right - the app will still be using battery power even if the audio is stopped.

Nothing scary at all - things should just work!

I was lost but now I'm found Steve
Steve Herrod and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you

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