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Hi there, My Ipad3 was been stolen, and my current current

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Hi there,
My Ipad3 was been stolen, and my current current mosrt concern is the information inside there. Ive installed the icloud before but I guess nothing I can do as the Ipad was offine now. May I know whether there is any other way Apple can help me to delete or even trace via my ipad serial number?

Steven Khoo [email protected]

Did you setup a passcode lock on your ipad? Also you can setup your ipad to wipe upon the next time the ipad is connected to the internet.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


What you have just mentioned is using icloud to delete all my data when the go on line the next times. But as mentioned before that they have switched off the ipad and my concern is if they take out the SIM card. The data will still be there. Though I have the password XXXXX is only 4numbers. I wonder ipad has any limit to the number of try. If not, your answer doest solve my problem. Last times I thought when I registered my serial no. with apple, I thought they could do somethings for me if I lost my ipad. Can you help me with a better answet.


If they cannot guess your password. The ipad will go into a lockout mode where the user has to wait a predetermined amount before entering it again. It will be hard for the person to go through 10,000 combinations

Ok so you have 10 chances to unlock the iphone with your security lock. You have 5 chances before you start getting locked out, on the 6th chance you get locked out for a minute,on the 7th you get locked out for 5mins, on the 8th time you get locked out for 15 minutes. On the 9th try you get locked out for 60 minutes. On the 10th try you can choose what happens here in your settings you can either have the iphone wipe all the data on your iphone or you must connect the iphone to your computer to unlock the phone.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So what you mean is there is no way Apple can help us by our serial no. to delete the data?

Unfortunately not. They can only take down the serial so that if that person comes to the apple to get it serviced. They will automatically deny service and in some cases contact law enforcement to take criminal action against the person in the store. If the person who stole your ipad enters the password XXXXX on the ipad 10 times will wipe the ipad data
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I never on my erase data mode, they still can try more than ten times. BotXXXXX XXXXXnes it can't be help. How to I go on registering my serial no. as lost iPad ?

You can register the serial with law enforcement so that no one will try to pawn it or do buyback with a retail store. Normally you can use your home/renter insurance to help cover the cost
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