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When is the 16 quad Mac Pro going to be released. I am not

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When is the 16 quad Mac Pro going to be released. I am not going to buy a 12 quad because it is becoming obsolete especially when release the 16 quad. I will never ask a different question of you until you give me an answer for the release date of the 16 quad mac pro tower computer. Otherwise I will continue to nag you until you give me some honest answers, because your dealers here in Wichita, KS have informed me that this new 16 quad professional computer has been on the horizon for almost a year and should be released soon. I was a successful salesman and retail manager for 50 years and I know how company representatives speak indirectly and ambiguously. So guys cough up the truth about my query!!!!!!!!!!
Hello. Thank you for the question. I can only provide the honest truth in this case. The 16 core Mac Pro has been anticipated since around May/June 2011 and has not yet been released or even announced. Apple product releases are highly secretive, but most of the leaked information or early announcements/press releases comes with the much cheaper/lower end products since those are the ones that are more attractive to the majority of the consumer market. A machine that costs over $4,000 is not as anticipated or tracked as closely as for example, the next Macbook Pro or iPad.

Apple confirmed in June 2012 that significant new models and designs of the Mac Pro are likely for 2013 (but no word on even which quarter to expect it). I would expect the 16 core version to be included in this next refresh, as they do not want to fall behind competitors in this space. If you're holding out on buying a high end Mac Pro and can wait until some time in 2013 for a probably 16-core release, I suggest doing so. It is more likely that Apple will announce this information at the start of the quarter, so I would suggest checking back in February for more info, as this is all the information I have for now (honest truth).

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to assist further. Thanks again!
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