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I cannot access Shutterfly on my Mac. Please help!

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I can no longer (since Thursday) access Shutterfly on my computer (Mac OS 10.5.8) I use safari. Switched internet providers that day (earthlink to comcast) but all other functions are fine and my husband's computer can get Shutterfly. I am very frustrated! I have tried rebooting computer, trying to access through other browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome), tried to access through google, reset safari, cleared caches and cookies, went to Shutterfly help service (can't access anything that has Shutterfly in the address). No idea what else to do. All my photos are on that site and I have a calendar and photo book waiting to be ordered. Have now missed the sale date, too. Can anyone help?

You have tried a lot of troubleshooting already, that helps a lot. Next to speed things up you should check if it is the same in a test user account. Click the Apple menu in the top left, and System Preferences. Click Account. Unlock the padlock and click the + Use Username test and Password test. Create the account. Log out in the Apple menu, then log into test. Open a browser and try Shutterfly. Let me know if this fails, this test shows if it is a system wide, or user specific issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did that. Put in a different name and password, still could not get to Shutterfly.

Then lost your page and had a hard time getting back to it!

So it was the same in a new user account, which means it is a system wide issue. I will try to help you solve this as quickly as possible. Once you are logged into your original account open System Preferences again. Click Network, and unlock the padlock. Click Locations list at the top of the System Preferences window. Choose Edit Locations in the list. Click the + and enter the name test. Click Done, then click Apply. Restart the Mac, and try Shutterfly. If it fails please describe what happens after typing in the web address? What if you try Google, then click on the search result?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What do you mean by "enter the name test"? The name I entered to do the test a few minutes ago?

When you click the + you are adding a new 'location', which needs a name. The default one is called Automatic, the one I would like you to add you can call test. Let me know if there is a problem with it, if you are not sure of something. You can always click Cancel and go back and try again.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, have tried that and restarted.

Got to the Shutterfly page in my bookmarks but could not sign in.

Tried going to it through google but the same thing. The page opens, the blue bar goes through www. Then stops there, won't go any further.

Are you connected wirelessly? If so is it possible to connect by Ethernet? If it is, open System Preferences - Network. Click on Wi-Fi and turn it off. Connect by the Ethernet cable and try signing in. If it is the same open System Preferences - Accounts - Login Items. What is in that list? Do you have any firewall or security software installed?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We are already connected by Ethernet.

I went to Login Items. It has the following:

iTunes helper

Microsoft AU Daemon



Only iTunes is checked

I have Norton antivirus. I tried quitting that yesterday but it made no difference.

We had a new modem/router from Comcast installed on Thursday (the day I lost access to Shutterfly). It may have firewall on it.

Laptop can still get to shutterfly. My husband's computer can't but he says he's been having problems for about a year (he doesn't use shutterfly).

Does the laptop use the same Internet connection? If it can access it, a firewall issue on the router is not the cause. There are a few more possibilities. In System Preferences - Network click Ethernet and then the Advanced button on the bottom right. Click the DNS tab. Remove and entries and replace them with these two: Press enter after entering each one. Click OK, then click Apply. Now try Shutterfly. If the same please get back to me for the other possibilities.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The laptop connects to the internet via Airport, the 2 desktops by Ethernet. The router feeds internet cables to the 2 desktops, also feeds Airport (and the printer).

Went to DNS tab. DNS servers contain and but it's all grayed out and I can't delete them or replace.

Close System Preferences and open it again. In Accounts, unlock the padlock first. Then click Ethernet - Advanced - DNS. You should be able to edit it now. Let me know if it still gives problems.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK. From Accounts, go back to network and click Ethernet? Have done that and DNS tabs are still gray.

In accounts, I see Automatic login is: Disabled. Should I enter my name account or is that irrelevant?

You should set the automatic login to your name when you're there. From Accounts, you must first open the padlock in the bottom left corner. Click it and you will be asked for the password. When it is open then you can click and edit the DNS settings.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nope, still gray.

Can you select one, and click the minus button?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, doesn't work.

But I see in the Network window, it lists Location as test. Should I change that?

Yes, please change it to Automatic and click Apply. Then make sure the padlock is open and try remove the DNS entries. If the same there are files to reset network preferences, as it seems like they are corrupt if this does not work.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I now see the same gray 75 etc and below that non-gray and Should I replace those two lines with and

Try to remove all three with the minus button, and if the last one doesn't delete, click it once to select and wait a second and click again, then try to type. If this doesn't solve the issue go back to the main Network preference pane, and let me know what is in the list of connections on the left. After this we will try recreating network preferences. There is a possibility it is blocked in the hosts file.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Deleted the last two lines. The first two remain gray. Can't type in that box. In Network window, I have built-in Ethernet, connected and Internal Modem, not connected

We will check if it is an Internet Plug-In problem. Close any open applications. Click Finder, then the Go menu at the top of the screen. Click Go To Folder. Type /Library/ and click Go. Look for an Internet Plug-Ins folder, and open it. Move anything in there to the Trash. Restart and try Shutterfly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, have done all that. Can now get as far as the sign in bar for Shutterfly but it won't open. Spinning ball indefinitely. BTW, can't get to Shutterfly on my iPad either.

Now with Internet Plug_ins empty, try the other browsers too. Then if same click the Apple menu and Software Update. Install anything it finds.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Did you mean: try accessing Shutterfly through the other browsers? I did that and it didn't work. Or did you mean empty the plug-ins in the other browsers?

I went to Software Update and installed two items, airport utility and flashback removal security. Shutterfly still won't open.

You tried what I was asking. I have researched this and other switchers to Comcast have the same complaint. There is no solution posted online but I believe it is a problem with the DNS settings. Click Finder, and click Go - Go To Folder. Type /Library/Preferences/ and click Go. Move SystemConfiguration folder to the Trash. Restart. Follow my steps from earlier to create a new location called test, and click Apply. Now check if you can change the DNS, and click Apply.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I moved the System Configuration folder to the trash and restarted.

I created a new location called test and tried to change the DNS again. It's still gray and won't let me delete or type. The box next to it, Search Domains, also gray, has: Is this relevant to anything?

Possibly. Try removing it and Apply. Then try Shutterfly, and if same try removing the DNS again.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Comcast line, in Search Domains, is gray and I can't remove it.

But DNS Server now shows:,

Still can't open Shutterfly. In fact, it's worse, won't even go to the start page.

Does this Mac have a Wi-Fi card? Can you disconnect Ethernet and try connecting by Wi-Fi to the Airport?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I connected by wi-fi to airport (we have that and ethernet and bluetooth and firewire, the latter two not connected).

Didn't make any difference to Shutterfly, I'm afraid.

Can you verify the laptop is working OK? What operating system is on it? Have you previously installed the iPhoto Assistant plug-in?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the laptop is working OK. It's OS is 10.6.8. iPhoto Assistant on my desktop or the laptop? Not on the laptop. When I searched for iPhoto Assistant on my desktop, it came up with ShutterflyExportAssistant.dmg in Downloads

Does iPhoto open at login? Can you try loading this link, it will run some tests on the connection, and find the right MTU value:

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

IPhoto doesn't open automatically. It appears in the dock. Will try the link. Didn't go to Start analysis. I went to FAQ and it had a whole lot about installing Java. Didn't do any more.

Go back to the start page Does it say missing or inactive plug in, in grey? Can you click on it and start the download?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, it doesn't say any of that. It has Start Analysis Results top left, but it's all grey and won't let me click on it. I tried clicking the long bar at the top of the page but that doesn't go anywhere either. I'll try going to netalyzr through google, see if that works.

You can get the necessary software here: Once it is downloaded open Downloads and double click the .dmg, then double click the installer. Once installed, restart and try Shuttrfly first, then Netalyzr.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already have Java. Pretty sure it came ready installed with my Mac. I went to Preferences and clicked on Enable Java. Didn't help to get to netalyzr.

If Java is working properly you will see Start Analysis in red letters on the Netalyzr page. Try refreshing the page. It is just below the text that says 'Netalyzr Requires Java'. If you don't see that then try the installer from the link as it is the latest version. Restart and try Netalyzr.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Start Analysis is not in red letters. Start is in red, the rest is grey. Tried refreshing, nothing happened. Went to the Java installer link. Can't find a version for Mac OS 10.5.8. Checked Software Updates to see if there's a later version of Java available to me, but nothing. Netalyzr says Java is not installed when I try to open it.

I understand and appreciate that you have been very patient. Just bookmark this page in your browser and we can continue this tomorrow. I think the reasons Netalyzr and Shutterfly are not working is somehow linked.

I am online for the day, let me know when you can continue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My husband ran netanalyzr on his laptop. I could get it from him and try to send it to you, perhaps as a pdf attached to an email.

I see some items identified as blocked:

certain TCP protocols are blocked in outbound traffic

certain UDP protocols are blocked in outbound traffic

The network blocks some or all special DNS types in replies

The network blocks some or all EDNS replies

Not all DNS types were correctly processed

Direct TCP access to remote RPC servers (port 135) is blocked

Direct TCP access to remote NetBIOS servers (port 139) is blocked

Direct TCP access to remote SMB servers (port 445) is blocked

Direct UDP access to remote NetBIOS NS servers (port 137) is blocked

Direct UDP access to remote NetBIOS DGM servers (port 138) blocked

Direct UDP access to remote SIP servers (port 5060) is blocked

Some or all specialized DNS types checked are blocked by the network. The following tested queries were blocked:

RTYPE=169 (deliberately unknown) records

Any of this helpful?

Is this the report from the laptop? Did you still not get it to run on the Desktop Mac that originally has the issue? Can you see MTU in the report? Click the + to the right of it, what does say?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I see: Path MTU (?): OK. My husband clicked on the + to the right and it says: the path between your network and our system supports an MTU of at least 1500 bytes and the path between our system and your network supports an MTU of at least 1500 bytes. I was not able to run netalyzr on my desktop but I'll try it again.

Yep, same thing. Says I need Java. (which I have)

I believe the two issues are related, and that the Java plugin is not working properly. In Finder, click the Go menu, and Go To Folder... Type ~/Library/ and look in the Internet Plug-Ins folder for anything Java, and move it to the Trash. Do the same for /Library/ If same open Safari - Preferences - Security. Check that Java is enabled. If same try installing the latest version from here: Let me know if it gives any new information.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can't find anything in the Internet Plug-Ins about Java. Tried both ~/Library/ and /Library/.

Checked in Safari Preferences that Java is enabled.

Tried to install Java, but I did that yesterday. It doesn't offer any downloads for Mac 10.5.8 and I checked that there are no software updates available on my Mac.

My husband has phoned our Comcast installer and he has given us the number of their tech help. We'll see what he can do.

I have seen it posted by other people and no solutions, so I think there may be a person who is aware of something simple that is the common cause. If not my best advice to you would be to upgrade to Snow Leopard using Retail Install discs. If the Shutterfly website is using some code that only works on the latest Java, and I fear that the latest Java is not compatible with 10.5.8, or something along those lines that upgrading will fix.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the advice.. I may try that. I had a long session with a Comcast Technician yesterday online and by phone. He could not fix it. He says the system is working just fine (it isn't) and it must be a coincidence that I lost Shutterfly when Comcast was installed. Hard to believe. So I am still unable to access anything with Shutterfly in the address.

I know you put a lot of time and effort into this and I am grateful, even though unfortunately the end result was that I am no better off than before. Still I think I'm obligated to pay something for your work.

If you think there's any point in my pursuing this further, I will probably have some time free later on today if you're online at all today (I'm in CA, it would be after 3 pm here).

My husband has a computer issue he'd like to address with you (I think a much more straightforward one than mine). How can he be sure to find you on MacHelpDesk? Should he come back in through this link of mine? Should he start over as it's a different question? Do you have an identifier?

I think the Snow Leopard, and then Mountain Lion updates are a good idea, with the only drawback of purchasing it, and waiting to get it if it is over the Internet. With more time to dedicate to this I would repartition the disk and install a second Mac OS X partition. This would rule out Mac OS X and this Mac, further isolating it to a network issue. If you want to wait and try Snow Leopard when you can, or if you want the detailed steps to install a new Mac OS partition I am happy with either.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Snow Leopard was delivered yesterday and I installed it and - cheers! can now access Shutterfly again. Today having to do lots more software updates because of snow leopard, but that's minor compared to the last two weeks. So I think I'm all set now. Have two days to complete a project before I lose the Shutterfly discount.

I see they charged my card for my interaction with you, so I guess we're all square. thanks for your help and advice. My husband will be getting in touch with you any time soon for his separate issue.

That's fantastic! I'm glad it is working now.