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Jesse, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Life-long Apple Geek & Power User, 10+Years Apple Experience
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Hello i have a problem with my keyboard on my mac laptop. Alot

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Hello i have a problem with my keyboard on my mac laptop. Alot of the keys dont work and the ones that do seem it get stuck on it. whats up with it?

Jesse :

Hello, and welcome to!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to help.

Jesse :

That typically means a liquid, most likely a carbonated beverage, was spilled on or around the keyboard. Try reseting the PRAM, by holding the P+R+Option+Command keys together while restarting. Hold them for 3 full restarts.


this has stopped the looping. but theres now a few buttons that wont work and some buttons are typing two for example i press q what types is qt.

Jesse : That pretty much confirms the physical damage, are you sure no one spilled anything on it?

it was cleaned with water on tissue paper

Jesse : Unfortunately, using water on electronics makes it worse, and tissue paper will leave a paper residue. Your beat bet at this point is rubbing alcohol on a lint free clothe.
Jesse : Make sure to put the rubbing alcohol on the cloth not directly on the computer.

is their an alternative to rubbing alcohol? i dont own rubbing alcohol

Jesse : Any kind of isoprpyl alcohol will work, or electronics safe cleaner. It will say on the bottle if its electronics safe. Otherwise you'll want to pick up a bottle of alcohol from the first aid aisle.

unluckly this hasnt fixed the problem

Jesse :

Unfortunately, water damage is a serious problem. I'm impressed there aren't any other issues with the Mac, normally a spill will damage more than the keyboard. You might try rubbing it down vigorously, then waiting a few days, then doing it again. In the mean time, the only real workaround is to use an external keyboard.

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