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Vinod Menon
Vinod Menon, Support Specialist
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Your new version of itunes has "disappeared" the CDs I have

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Your new version of itunes has "disappeared" the CDs I have spent the last two months uploading. When I do a search for the "old" music, I find a trace of them on my computer, but a window pops up saying " new itunes library". What is going on here?

Sorry to hear that you lost your music from the computer after the itunes update....:(

Please understand that we are not Apple. But I can definitely help you recover the songs if they are still in the computer.

We will search in the default locations where itunes store the music.

Let me know of this. When you open the itunes, is it a blank screen with no music?

Thank You
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. it was late last night and I crashed. No, the interface is the new ITunes one.In the library, I can locate there the music I loaded yesterday plus a coupel of cuts from music loaded weeks ago.I did a search for individual artists and discovered that the missing music is located in Libraries/Music//My Music/iTunes/iTunesMedia/Music

Thank you for the info.

Since I am in a theater watching a movie, I am unable to write the answer to you now,( as I need a bit of research)

I will send you the answer in another 2 hours once I reach home. Sorry.

Thank you for the patience.
Hello David,

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Since all your songs are present in the itunes media\music folder, we can always transfer them to the itunes.

Before that, let's see whether your music is still hiding in the new interface of itunes.

Open itunes. Now you will find a small box to the top left corner of the itunes (with a downward pointing arrow next to it). Click on it and select "show menu bar".

Once done, you will see the menu items such as file, edit, view, controls etc.

click on the view menu. View > show side bar.

Now your interface would be similar to the old one. Now check whether your songs can be found.

If not, then we will have to add the songs back.

Click on File menu. File > add folder to library. Navigate to Libraries/Music//My Music/iTunes/iTunesMedia/Music and select the Music folder.

This should add all the songs back.

let me know if you have any difficulty.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for this. The first option worked perfectly. But why did the Apple programmers not prevent this from happening or alert users to the fact that it would if it was unavoidable???


Excellent job: the ratings column seems to have disappeared

Hi David,

Great to know that the music is still there.

Not sure why apple came with the idea of an interface change. There were no prior notifications about this, and I too came to know about this after I updated my iTunes.