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I have an iMAC model iMac10,1 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed

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I have an iMAC model iMac10,1 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed 3.06 GHz 16 GB memory running OS X 10.8.2 and iMovie 9.0.8.
I have recently purchased a Panasonic HC-X800 HD camcorder. Picture quality recorded in AVCHD and played back directly on a modern full HD television is superb.
For editing on iMAC, the camcorder manual recommends recording in iFrame format. Unfortunately, TV playback after editing on the iMAC and burning on the built-in iDVD burner gives a seriously downgraded picture quality.
I appreciate that the iMAC cannot read AVCHD files directly and trials of converter software and then editing on the iMAC result in similar quality to that produced via iFrame.
Is there a way I can produce full HD edited video on my iMAC or do I have to purchase a new Apple computer and Blue-Ray burner to achieve the desired result?
i am very happy with the ease of use of iMovie which gives me everything I need except for HD picture quality. live in UK.
Many thanks
iMovie should be able to import AVCHD? What happens when you try to import? A DVD is SD format and will never look as good as Blu-Ray or just playing the video from the computer to the TV or from iTunes to an Apple TV. You can't burn Blu-Ray direclty unless you buy a Blur-Ray drive and another program like Roxio Toast.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have just tried importing from the camcorder to iMovie using a USB cable and it has worked OK.


How would I hook up my iMAC to play directly to a TV?


Would my iMAC support an external Blu-ray drive and if so, would the recorded disc be to HD standard. I assume I would need to select 'Share', 'Export' then select the HD 1920x1080 option and somehow connect to the Blu-Ray burner.


Any particular specification for a Blu-Ray burner - assume local Apple store would have them.




Most USB or Firewire drives should work. You Export as HD video then import that to Roxio Toast or other Blu-Ray burning software and burn with that. It is HD format.

If you give me the serial number of the Mac I can tell you how to play directly
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will look at the two web addresses.


The serial number of my iMAC is W8952FA85PC


You did not advise how I should connect my iMAC to a TV.

My present TV does not support HD, but I have ordered a new Full HD TV with built-in WiFi so hopefully I will be able to use WiFi to connect the iMAC to the TV - assuming the iMovie edited video can be saved in a format readable by the TV.

I have also ordered a BluRay recorder with the TV, so with a BluRay burner linked to my iMAC a disc transfer would be a fall-back option.

Sorry for the delay I'll have that in a minute.
Do you have a DVI port on the TV or just HDMI?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will not receive the new TV until 12 November. Panasonic website gives following I/O information. I don't see DVI listed


CI (Common Interface)yes
HDMI Input
HDMI Input4 (4 side)
Support FeatureAudio Return Channel (Input 2)
SD Cardyes (SDXC)
Composite Video Input shared with ComponentAV2: CVBS w/Cable adaptor (lower)
Audio Input (HDMI, PC, Composite, Component)RCA phono type w/Cable adaptor x 1 (lower)
PC InputMini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (lower)
Component Video Input shared with CompositeRCA phono type w/Cable adaptor x 1 (lower)
LAN Port1 (lower)
Digital Audio Output (Optical)1 (lower)
21-Pin Input/OutputAV1: AV In/Out, RGB In, Q-Link w/Cable adaptor (lower)
Headphone Jack1 (side)

It says PC but not what kind of port it is. Have you looked at the Apple TV and connects to WiFi you can just stream 1080p from iTunes it connects to the TV with HDMI. Otherwise you will need to run both a Mini Display port to HDMI adapter and cable and an Optical audio cable to the TV. Let me know I can recomend one.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for all your advice. There is a lot to digest and I will now wait until my new TV arrives.


I will investigate Apple TV as you suggest.

Ok great!

If you are satisfied, please kindly Accept and provide OK Rating - or Above. Thanks. If not please Reply to Expert and let me know, I am here until we can fix the problem.
If you are satisfied, please kindly Accept and provide OK Rating - or Above. Thanks. If not please Reply to Expert and let me know, I am here until we can fix the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I much appreciate your help in resolving my problem of editing and creating high definition Blu-Ray discs using my iMAC running OS X 10.8.2 and iMovie 9.0.8. iMovie imported AVCHD files from the movie camera via USB, allowed me to edit them (including adding titles and voice-overs). These were saved as high definition MOV files.

I downloaded a trial version of NCH Express Burn including option for Blu-Ray authoring (I have now purchased the software). I also purchased an LG BP40 Semi Portable Blu Ray Writer.

I successfully produced a Blu-Ray disc and have played it back via a separate Blu-Ray player connected to a high definition TV. Play back quality is excellent. No doubt having to convert files several times has resulted in some loss of quality, but the end result is very acceptable. The downside is the length of time to carry out the operation - about 3 hours to save 30 minutes of HD video as an MOV file, and more than 6 hours for the authoring and process. The NCH authoring process needs some 20 GB of free hard drive space and pretty well clogs up the iMAC while doing so; making the computer virtually unusable for any other task. Hence, I recommend others carry out the authoring process over-night or whilst out at work.

I hope this feedback is useful to you and others, and once again many thanks for your assistance.



You are welcome. Good luck.
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