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Hi there, I have an iMac and run Mountain Lion. Upon start

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Hi there,
I have an iMac and run Mountain Lion. Upon start up, I am experiencing a white screen with folder and question mark flashing n it.
I have tried unplugging and plugging back in to power up with no resolution.
Have tried to install its former OSX install disk 1 holding down C where I can get to disk utility. There is the file media but no option to repair. Also it looks like the media file says it has 0 bytes when looking at its information. Have I lost my entire drive?
Should I do I reinstall of disk 1?
Thanks in advance

CompExpert :

when you have a white screen with folder and question mark meaning the system did recognize any core files to boot to osx operating system.

two things might caused your problem: corrupted osx operating system or defective hard drive.

what you can do is reinstall Mountain Lion, if the installed go through without a problem then your problem is corrupted osx operating system. now if you got an error during installation process or system didn't recognize the internal hard drive to install mac osx operating system then you have a defective hard drive and need replacement.

500GB sata 2.5" hard drive cost about $80, you can bring to apple store to have them installed it.

follow the step below to reinstall Mountain Lion 10.8:



CompExpert :

1. power off your computer
2. power on again right away hold down command and R key, keep holding it until you see a mac osx utilities screen
3. select option to reinstall mac osx and follow the the instruction on the screen.

remember reinstall osx will not delete your data.


CompExpert :


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Thank you,

Customer: Hi, Moutain Lion was an online upgrade. Disk wise I only have the standard OSX install disk 1 &2, snow leopard Mac box set disk and a leapord CPU drop in disk...
CompExpert :

mountain lion install a hidden partition on your hard drive when you installed it


CompExpert :

if you try command + R and still cannot get into mac osx utilities screen to reinstall 10.8 Mountain Lion that mean the internal hard drive is defective or dead


CompExpert :

* hidden partition that include all the files to reinstall osx


Customer: So I try to reboot pressing command R when I hear the chimes
CompExpert :

reboot press and hold both command and R keys, continue to hold it until you get into a mac osx utilities screen


CompExpert :

remember to do it right away after you reboot or system power back on


Customer: Ok I'll try.. I'll get back to you...
CompExpert :



Customer: Hi, no I just be the same screen white with folder/? Flashing...
CompExpert :

try this:

power off your computer then power on again right away hold down option (alt) key, keep holding it until you see a boot menu


CompExpert :

boot menu it just a white screen but you can see the mouse pointer


CompExpert :

now in the boot menu do you see any name or icon show up?


CompExpert :

look something similar to this screen --->>


Customer: Just the mouse icon, unless it takes longer to come up
CompExpert :

nothing else show up only the mouse pointer?


Customer: No nothing
Customer: Only mouse pointer
CompExpert :

unfortunately, that mean the internal hard drive on your imac is completely dead thats why the computer didnt even recognize or detect it.


Customer: Is this repairable?
CompExpert :

hardware defective cannot be repair, replacement is the only option


Customer: Ok thanks for that....
CompExpert :

500gb hard drive cost about $80


CompExpert :

so it a good time to upgrade to a bigger storage so you got more space with help your system run faster


CompExpert :

with = will


Customer: And it gets installed on this iMac?..
CompExpert :



CompExpert :

you can even asked them to repair a 2tb hard drive too cost about $150


Customer: Oh ok, not so bad hahaha thank you so much. You've been very helpfull..
CompExpert :

you're welcome

please rate my service and have a goodnight


Customer: You too. thanks :)
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