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Michelle, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Computers and Mobile support with 12 years of exp.
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iMac will not boot after software update. I have tried safe

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iMac will not boot after software update. I have tried safe boot but does not work. "failed to load kept (error 0xdc00800e)

Appleologist :

Hi, and welcome to Just Answers! I am excited to get started with you.

Appleologist :

Do you have your computers installation disk?

Customer: Yes but it is currently in the drive. I was attempting to do an archive installation.
Appleologist :

Are you able to boot to it right now?

Customer: No
Appleologist :

Why are you unable to boot to it?

What operating system are you running?

Customer: stops at the command I entered in the additional information.
Appleologist :

Ok, can you restart your computer and Hold down the option key immediately after your computer powers on

Customer: Yes...shows disc
Appleologist :

Can you click on the disk

Customer: Yes...
Appleologist :

After you choose english, you will see a menu bar up top. Choose Utilities and then choose disk utility

Customer: Okay
Appleologist :

In disk utility you will see your hard drive in the side bar. We need to make sure its ok first before re-installing your operating system. Go ahead and click it and hit "verify"

Customer: Its shown twice...which one?
Appleologist :

The top one

Customer: Verifying now
Appleologist :

Ok, let me know when if your HD is ok

Customer: Needs to be repaired
Customer: Invalid directory item count
Appleologist :

Ok so you see red text. Go ahead and repair it

Customer: Okay
Customer: Repaired successfully
Appleologist :

Perfect! Restart your computer and lets see if it boots now

Customer: Restart not highlighted....power button?
Customer: Still get the same error screen
Appleologist :

Yes you can shut it down by pressing and holding the power button.

we will first try to reset your PRAM. This will require you to restart your computer. When it is done booting up, just log back in to give me an update.

1. Power off your computer

2. Immediately after pressing the power button, press and hold down these 4 key combination

3. Command+Option+P+R

4 Let the computer chime 3 times

Customer: Chimes once...shows error screen
Appleologist :

What is showing in the error screen?

Customer: Unav
Customer: Ble to find driver for this platform....the same message as before
Customer: Unabe...
Appleologist :

Ok, so we need to re-install your OS. Can you boot to the instal disk again. Hold down option key and select disk. Do you have a backup?

Customer: No backup
Appleologist :

Well your Hard drive seems ok. There is always risk of data failure. When we get your system up and running again, I highly suggest backing up your computer

Appleologist :

Let me know when you are back at the installation screen

Customer: Not getting past error screen
Customer: At disc
Appleologist :

Are you at the disk? Or are you still having an error message?

Customer: At disc
Appleologist :

Ok, lets try again.

1. Power off computer

2. Power on and immediately hold down the option key

3. Choose install disk

Customer: I'm at the disc now....power off anyway?
Appleologist :

Navigate to the installation process. Choose your language, hit next..

Appleologist :

Oh no dont power off, im sorry i thought you had an error message

Customer: I'm there and done....
Appleologist :

What is currently displaying on your screen?

Customer: Install Mac osx
Appleologist :

you can hit continue all the way through

Appleologist :

Are you installing Snow Leopard?

Customer: Is this an erase and replace?
Appleologist :

No do not choose erase. What are your options?

Customer: I never saw an is installing...states about 43 minutes time remaining
Appleologist :

Great! You are installing snow leopard. The only option is to re-install not erase :)

Appleologist :

I will hang around and check back with you in 30mins to see how the process is going

Customer: Thanks
Appleologist :

My pleasure

Appleologist :

How much time do you have left

Customer: Complete....continue?
Appleologist :


Customer: Restarting
Appleologist :

You will also have to run your software updates. Do them 3 at a time. try not to do them all at once

Appleologist :


Customer: Where do I find software updates?
Customer: Should I eject disk?
Appleologist :

In the upper left corner you will see the apple logo. When you click that, you will see software updates. Yes eject the disk

Customer: Why do I have a systems events box on the screen?
Appleologist :

system events? what does it say?

Customer: It said chose a program but it just went away. However, the icon for the app store is a ? . Checking for new software now.
Appleologist :

Yes, you will have a lot of updates to do. Again, do not do them all at once

Customer: Still checking
Appleologist :


Customer: "checking for.." box just went away. Should I see a list?
Appleologist :


Customer: Not seeing one.
Appleologist :

can you click on the apple logo and choose software updates again

Customer: Done...nothing appears to have changed
Appleologist :

maybe your up to date. Restart the computer

Customer: Okay
Customer: Restarted.
Appleologist :

Ok, now try to run software updates

Customer: Checking
Appleologist :


Customer: Show details?
Appleologist :


Customer: There are for iPhone SDK
Customer: only 6kb
Appleologist :

You can skip the iphone one for now and install the other 3

Customer: Okay
Customer: Airport over 1 GB...may be awhile
Appleologist :

Yes it will. You certainly do not have to completely them all today. Your main issue is resolved :)

Customer: downloads over 1 GB
Customer: If this creates a new problem or something goes wrong, can I reconnect to you to continue?
Appleologist :

Absolutely, I can follow up with you as well

Customer: Thank you....can you check back in about 2 hours?
Appleologist :

Sure :)

Customer: Thanks
Appleologist :

your welcome

Customer: Still downloading
Appleologist : Ok. Keep me posted
Customer: Downloads complete. Installation and reboot successful . But why do I still get a spinning wheel (frozen) occasionally?
Customer: Just noticed everything under airport is preceded by a lower case k. Any ideas?
Appleologist : A lower case K in airport? Can you explain a little more?
Customer: When I get the pull down menu for AirPort. It shows....kAirPortTurnOnKey. Everything has that lower case k.
Appleologist : Ok let's repair your permissions. After installing new software, glitches can occur
Appleologist : 1. Open disk utility (you can click the magnifying class in the upper right corner and type disk utility)
Appleologist : 2. Click your hard drive and click "repair permissions"
Customer: It is indexing currently
Customer: Should I just reboot?
Customer: Still waiting for spotlight to become available
Appleologist : No. You can go into your utilities folder and open disk utility from there. The utilities folder can be found in the applications folder
Customer: Found it. However when I double click it appears in the dock, bounces about three times and dissappears
Appleologist : Hmmm that's odd. Is your software completely up to date? Check again to see If more needs to be installed. Also,let's wait until spotlight finishes indexing
Customer: Software was updated. Spotlight still indexing. Checking for updates.
Appleologist : Ok. How far is the progress bar in spotlight? Is it making progress?
Customer: Software updates appear to be the same ones I just downloaded and installed. That seems rather strange.
Customer: Airport client update 2009-002, Mac osx update combined
Customer: Still indexing
Appleologist : It is an update version. You will have to keep running your updates until it says you are up to date
Customer: One at a time?
Customer: Restart after each?
Appleologist : Yes please
Customer: Will do.
Appleologist : Ok. I will stand by. We made huge progress so far
Customer: I can't thank you enough for your patience.
Appleologist : Your very patient yourself ;)
Customer: Downloaded smallest first...clicked restart. It now appears to be stuck at registering updated components. Just sitting there.
Customer: Whoops....just did something but not back to the log in screen.
Customer: Has not restarted
Appleologist : What is it doing now?
Customer: Just sitting apparent progression
Customer: Just I have the screen that originally started our journey
Appleologist : Of your press command+option+escape you will see a list of open applications. Do you see any that are not responding? If so, force quit
Customer: Back to the original issue!
Appleologist : It looks like you have some serious software issues that can only be fixed with a clean install. You have a few options. If you have important files that you need to get, you can re-install the OS again and quickly grab the files (If it allows you to). Or you can proceed with an erase and install
Customer: Where would I create a backup file? I have an external hard much space will it require?
Appleologist : It depends on how much data you have. No less that 100gb of storage. Is there another working Mac that you have access to?
Customer: No. but I don't keep very many files on my hard drive . I guess I will have to reload all other programs back. Is there a backup utility built in to Mac?
Appleologist : Yes but it only works when you plug your external hd in. That's were it stores the backup
Customer: Okay...where do I find it? It's been a long day but I will reload OS using your instructions from earlier today but it didn't give me an option for erase and install. Can you give me those instructions? Also, can I leave this chat open?
Appleologist : Absolutely. Do not close the chat until we are done. I would like to follow up with you. If you close it,
Appleologist : I will not be able to
Appleologist : The instructions are the same except in disk utility, you will not verify the disk, instead you will repartition it
Appleologist : 1. Click in the top hard drive
Appleologist : 2 Select the "partition" tab
Appleologist : 3. Under current partion, choose one
Appleologist : 4. Make sure the the format is "Mac osx extended journaled"
Appleologist : 5. Hit Apply
Appleologist : 6. Exit disk utility and proceed with instillation
Customer: Thank you. Until tomorrow....have a great evening.
Appleologist : Thank you. You do the same. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out. I will get a notification and reply IMMEDIATLY
Customer: Okay
Appleologist :

Were you able to perform an erase and install?

Customer: How should I know how many partitions I need?
Appleologist :

You just need one

Appleologist :

You will see a "current partition" drop down menu, choose one

Customer: Good morning
Appleologist :

Good morning to you too. Im sorry, where are my manners :)

Customer: Why can't I see the conversation?
Appleologist :

I don't know, is it blank?

Appleologist :

I can see our previous chat

Customer: I guess that was a strange question...if I can't see your responses.
Appleologist :

I am a little confused. You said you can't see our conversations, yet you are able to respond to my responses.


Customer: Still can't see [email protected]
Appleologist :

What about now?

Customer: The lazy conversation I can see was at 5:39 pm yesterday and then it loops to our initial contact at 11:57 am
Appleologist :

What about now?

Can you see our conversation Now?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I can was not a lazy conversation.
ha ha Ok great. So lets pick up where we left off. Did you choose one partition yet?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Wasn't sure if you meant choose 1 partition or choose 1 of the partition options. Choose 1. Adding registration information now and then will reload applications.
Wait. Did you install a clean version of snow leopard yet?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, then never mind the partition instructions. I'm sorry, I thought you were still in the process of installing a clean version. Is it running smoother?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Don't know yet. After I install applications do I then do software updates?
Yes. How many applications are you installing?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The applications disk from Mac, parallels desktop, Windows 7
Ok. Looks like you have a lot to do. Let me know as soon as your done. I want to makes sure the issue is completely resolved after your updates are complete
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Reply to this thread?
Yes please.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Everything Mac is loaded and appears to be working fine. Once I load parallel and windows 7 if there is a problem it will be with that. Thank you for everything you did to get me through this.
Yay! I am great to hear that everything worked out Ok. If you have no further questions, you are free to accept my answer and end the chat. Enjoy the rest of your day :)
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