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Why does my IPad continually drop out of Safari when I am reading

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Why does my IPad continually drop out of Safari when I am reading something or surfing, and go back to the main page where all my apps icons are shown? Also, when I am searching within a site, like booking an airline flight, it often is delayed in typing words or reacting to my pushing an internal link in a particular site...the delay in typing seems to improve if I let the unit rest.
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It's possible that the digitizer is malfunctioning (the grid on top of the screen that translates touch to an action within the display) and causing parts of the screen to activate/be slow to activate.

Do you have a case on the iPad? Cases can sometimes cause this problem when a specific part of the flap that covers the screen of the iPad presses into the digitizer excessively when not in use.

However, I would strongly suggest that you remove the case, if you have one, and see if that helps after a few days.

Regarding going back to the main portion of the screen, if you aren't accidentally pressing the only button on the front of the display of the iPad, then that button may be malfunctioning as well.

You can take the iPad to a store and if it's under warranty, they can replace your iPad for free; thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't have a case on my IPad, and I wish it was as simple as my accidentally touching a button.
This IPad is an originally. I have had it about three years, I think. There is no warranty.
If the digitizer is malfunctioning or it's just getting tired....I would think the time and cost of repair would make it economically a waste to get fixed verses buying a new IPad.
It doesn't happen all the time just when I really am doing a lot of pushing buttons quickly. It also has a slow reaction time when I have enlarged the picture or text and want to make it go back to a normal size.

Have you heard of any troubles like this before? I guess I would like your opinion on whether I need a new IPad. I considered buying a new one but want to see what version #4 has to offer.
Hi Holly

Honestly, I would, at minimum, get the iPad 2. I think the iPad 2 will be supported for at least a few more years, and you can pick one up refurbished direct from Apple's Outlet online for 25% off retail:

They even have the newest iPad (3rd generation) for 10% off. Not much of a deal, but still saves you a bit of money.

And yes, most likely, if it's the digitzer/anything related to that front panel, you're going to probably be spending more money than the iPad is worth. I'm not sure when the next iPad will be released but I would get an iPad 2. It's still going to be supported for iOS 6 which is coming out next month, so that may be a good investment for you that will last at least another three years.

And yes, regarding this type of issue before -- it's usually the digitizer or the front button since those parts are the most used; it's not often that something completely internal fails.

Thank you.
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