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I need help in proving that my macbook pro, my iphone, and

Customer Question

I need help in proving that my macbook pro, my iphone, and my ipad have been hacked. The reason that I know this has occurred is because the settings of my devices "magically" change to allow access to files, also, no matter what my email passwords might be, "said" person is able to log into my email accounts, change my password, delete emails, etc, they are able to track my whereabouts, etc etc. I believe it has something to do with a home router and "said" person changing the IP addresses on my products.

Is there anyway to track down who this person is and provide documentation that I may use to provide for the authorities? I would also like to know what information they are getting from my devices, how long they have been doing it for, etc.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Justin replied 4 years ago.

This sounds highly unlikely. For many reasons.

First off, there's no remote app for the iphone, or even the ipad to my knowledge. The only unit that could be controlled is the Macbook Pro, assuming some sort of software is installed.

Next, the identity of your Iphone (besides being on wireless) would be changed often, too often to track down assuming it could even be exploited that much, which it can't. Same goes for Ipad.

Its more likely your security questions on your email accounts are easily guessable and the person is resetting the password that way. I would go through your email accouns, change your security questions (and possibly the recovery email), afterwards changing the password.

If you believe your router is compromised, its possible through DNS redirection they can send your devices to sites you don't want to (also VERY rare, I've only seen one virus in ten years that does this), but that's as simple as setting up an admin password to the router to stop any unauthorized access. You may want to just do a hard reset on the router and set it up from scratch.

Changing the IP address on your devices would do nothing.

As for tracking whereabouts, it can be done through a couple methods. Certain apps allow GPS tracking on the iphone, and an APP called Hidden allows GPS tracking on the macbook.

The above is just for reference, people use it to counter theft of their Macbook generally.

As a quick break down.

1) Remote control of Mac, possible. Remote control of Iphone/Ipad, nearly impossible (there are apps such as this one ), but you would see it happen. Its not like its something that can be done behind the scenes.

2) Email take overs, completely possible. Usually due to weak security questions. If you're using Gmail though you can enable something called 2-step verification that requires the user to be have many forms of authentication to even get into the account, making it near impossible even if they know the password.


3) For someone to have control of your router, remote administration would have to be enabled (disabled by default) or they would have to know your wireless password and be within range of the router. Doing a factory reset and setup of the router will remedy this entirely.

I just highly doubt all of the above has been taken over.

Hope that sheds some light on things.

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