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I have an app in the itunes app store, is there a way inside

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I have an app in the itunes app store, is there a way inside my developer account to see what percentage of my users are using ios 5 and the other platforms? I am thinking of making my next build use a minimum of iOS4 but I want to see how many people I will be alienating if I do that thanks
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While there are no specific details that Apple will provide to developers that is an easy-to-use chart with live updates, the adoption rate is about 90% for each new iOS within six months. The latest now, of course, its iOS 5, so most likely, 90% are on iOS 5 now with a very small percentage on iOS 4, and almost no one on iOS 3.

Here's how the adoption rate normally looks:

1 month after release - 50% adoption rate
3 months after release - 70% adoption rate
6 months after release - 90% adoption rate

Here's a cool graph that shows that it's always around 2% of users that are on 3 (compiled using a number of reputable sources):


I would consider that statistically insignificant.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks that is a current graph showing 2% are on 3.0? please let me know
Yes; the data is from just a few months ago, but the rate of iOS 3 users hasn't changed in a long time. If anything, it's even below 2% now, closer to 1%.
And if I had to guess, the people who are still on 3.0 most likely don't even know how to update, much less even download an App.
Thank you!
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